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How To Clean Your Hairbrush (and How Often) image

How To Clean Your Hairbrush (and How Often)

When was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush? We walk through why you really should be cleaning your hairbrush, how often to clean your hairbrush, and even have a tutorial on how to do it!
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Get To Know Our 12-in-1 Custom Formula image

Get To Know Our 12-in-1 Custom Formula

They say 2 is better than 1… but what about 12?! Foxybae’s custom formula is made with just that —12 of the most luxurious ingredients from around the world that repair and deeply nourish your hair....
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Your Sign as a Hairstyle image

Your Sign as a Hairstyle

Uh oh, here we go again. Mercury is doing that thing again where it decides to retrograde and renegade up my life. If you’re familiar with this season, you know that some things may feel really off ...
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THIS is Why You Have Split Ends image

THIS is Why You Have Split Ends

Name something worse than split ends… we’ll wait... Couldn’t think of anything? Didn’t think so! Unfortunately, we ALL have split ends (unless you’re bald or have a buzz cut). Getting a trim every few months may help this issue, but you might find yourself wondering why your hair still has split ends. By discovering where this problem is starting, you will be able to conquer this reoccurring issue. Thankfully, we have put together a list of reasons why your ends are split!
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Halloween Lookbook image

Halloween Lookbook

Spooky season is in full effect and It’s crunch time to decide what (or who) you are going to be for Halloween! If you’re anything like us, then Halloween isn’t just a Holiday… IT’S A LIFESTYLE! Whether you want to dress scary or sexy (or both), we have the PERFECT hair tools to help complete your look! Need a little inspo? Check out Foxybae’s 2021 Halloween looks and learn how to achieve each hairstyle:
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Holiday Gift Guide For Her image

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

We get it, holiday shopping for your bae can be difficult. Especially when her answer was “You don’t have to get me anything!” when you asked her what she wanted this year! Luckily, we’ve created the ULTIMATE holiday gift guide to help you find that perfect gift!!  
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