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How To Clean Your Hair Brush

August 17, 2021

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Our makeup brushes are constantly being cleansed and cared for; so why not our hair brushes too!? We get it bae, cleaning a hairbrush doesn’t sound like the most exciting thing to do, but your hair sure will thank you later!! Dirt, oil, and product residue can be living on your hair brush RIGHT NOW!! Why even bother to wash your hair if you're just going to contaminate it again by running a dirty brush through it? We agree, it doesn't make much sense! Don’t walk, run to your bathroom to grab your hairbrush and let’s get to cleaning! Here is a step by step process on how to transform your grimy hairbrush into a clean and sparkling tool that your hair has been DYING (literally) for!! Need a visual? Watch how easy this process is on our TikTok!

Step 1: Soak Your Hairbrush

Mix together a solution of one part warm water and one part white distilled vinegar in a medium sized bowl. Place your hairbrush into the solution and let it soak overnight. Now put on your pj’s and go catch up on some beauty rest while your brush is being cleansed!  

Step 2: Pick Out The Hair and Scrub Your Brush 

Morning bae, how’d you sleep!? Now let’s get back to cleaning! Scrub your hairbrush using a toothbrush to get rid of all the hair and grime. Be sure to thoroughly scrub in between the bristles where the product tends to build up. Once your brush starts looking shiny and new again, rinse under warm water and wave goodbye to all the dirt and residue! 

Step 3: Dry Your Hairbrush

Place your brush face down on a towel and let it dry. Once your brush is completely dry, it’s ready to use again! Notice a difference? Your hair sure does!!

Don’t Brush-Off Regular Cleanings

We recommend giving your hairbrush a much needed bath about once a month! However, a quick rinse and scrub once a week never hurt anybody ;) Product residue can buildup on the handles and backside of your brush as well, so don’t forget to cleanse these areas too! 

Now that wasn’t so bad afterall, right bae!? If you end up trying this at home or are looking for more tips and tricks, tag us and follow our Instagram!