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The Secret to Happy Skin & Hair

February 16, 2022

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Nothing makes us feel better than when our skin is zit-free and our hair is strong af! It is EXTREMELY difficult to achieve that flawless look and let’s be real, our bodies can be stubborn and it fluctuates so often. However, all we can do is try our best in working WITH our bodies rather than AGAINST it. It’s OUR skin, OUR hair, our precious babies and so we should work like a team instead of seeing them as the enemy.


Here’s how to be kinder to your skin and hair.


Drink Your Water


This is #1 on the list because it’s the easiest and the most effective. When you wake up in the morning, instead of brewing a cup of coffee first, please grab yourself a glass of water. This is the best way to wake up your body and get it prepped for the day. Water is literally ZERO calories so therefore you have ZERO excuses to miss this step. By drinking water, you’re hydrating your body, flushing out toxins, increasing your skin’s elasticity, and more importantly it supports hair growth!



Stop Scrolling and SLEEP

Sleeping should be just as easy as drinking water but oftentimes staying glued to our phones is what keeps us from getting our full 8 hours of beauty rest. We know, we’re addicted to kitchen organization Tik Toks too, but trust us when we say that your skin and hair will definitely thank you the next morning. Our hair restores itself during our slumber and is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss. Collagen is very important to skincare because it’s actually produced when we sleep. It makes our skin plumper, prevents wrinkles, and who doesn’t want to be young forever.



Listen To Your Skin

Oftentimes we treat our skin with so many different products and hacks without fully knowing what kind of skin type we are. We automatically read labels that say “Acne-Free” and “Oil-Free” and immediately gravitate towards those because really, who likes acne and oil. We think we want our skin to be free of all kinds of things when in reality, our skin might actually need and want some of those. First, evaluate your skin. Is it more dry than oily? Is it prone to acne and blemishes? Are you breaking out in a certain area? How is your skin reacting to your current products? Feel free to ask similar questions about your hair as well, it deserves the same amount of attention. Treat this process like a therapy session and you’re the therapist trying to understand what your skin and hair are going through. 



Decrease Stress, Increase Happiness

This one’s a tough one because well, simply put…life. Life is hectic and like our skin it fluctuates so often. Again, we have to work in unison rather than in competition with stress. Try to practice more hobbies and experiences that make you happy. Try to go on a walk more or plan for a future trip you’ve been dying to take (have something to look forward to creates excitement that distracts from all the noise). It’s all about balance here and trying to find a middle ground that works best for you and your lifestyle. Once we achieve this balance, we’ll be less stressed, we’ll enjoy our days more, our hair will grow out healthier, and our skin will follow and shine through.

Protect Yourself

Sunscreen is not only for beach days, it’s for EVERY day. Even if there’s no sight of the sun that day, those UV rays are sneaky and will find a way to peek through. You want to make sure that your skin is well protected. Sunscreen should be your skin’s daily amor. Just like you put primer on your face before makeup, you must wear some SPF before going outside. Some benefits of sunscreen include the prevention of sunburn, hyperpigmentation (uneven complexion) , premature aging, and skin cancer. And do not forget about heat protectant spray for your hair!


Perfect Your Routine


Once you’ve mastered the art of listening to your skin and hair, it will be time to prescribe the necessary products. Get familiar with the healthy vitamins and nutrients that your body needs so you can look out for the best fit for you. Some key skincare steps include cleansing, toning, applying serums and spot treatments, and moisturizing. Some key hair care steps include finding the right shampoo for you, proper washing, and treatments like hair masks. And as with anything, patience is a virtue and all great things take time. It will be easy to get frustrated when trying out new methods and products, but remember to be kind to yourself because your skin and hair will only reciprocate the same attitude you give it.


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