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Keep Your Hair from FALL-ing Out

September 07, 2022

Keep Your Hair from FALL-ing Out featured image

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Who’s ready for pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and all the Fall vibes?! As the Summer season comes to an end and the leaves start to fall, let’s make sure we’re still taking care of our hair because that’s definitely one thing we DON’T want to FALL OUT.

Here’s how to keep your hair healthy this Fall season. Trust us, you’ll fall in love.

First things first, stay away from putting harsh chemicals in your hair! Some common harsh chemicals found in a lot of hair products are known as Sulfates and Parabens, which are used as artificial preservatives. Sulfates can actually strip away your hair’s moisture and really dry out your scalp, while Parabens also cause irritation and hair loss. Your hair deserves high quality products with clean ingredients. All our hair care products are vegan and sulfate, paraben, cruelty FREE!

Secondly, take your vitamins! Biotin is a key vitamin that promotes keratin production and can increase the rate of hair growth. Biotin supplements can be found at your local Target, beauty store, and Amazon! But did you know that Biotin is one of the ingredients formulated in our 12-in-1 custom blend? Well now you do! Learn more about a 12-in-1 custom blend and its products here.

Colder weather tends to naturally dry out both our hair and skin. So make sure to use our variety of hair masks such as the 12-in-1 Leave In, the Insta Bae, and the Don't Hate, Hydrate Replenishing Hair Masks. These masks will keep your hair ultra moisturized and stronger than ever. Remember to also apply the Cool AF Heat Protectant Spray before styling your hair with hot tools, which will protect your hair from heat damage. We recommend trying out our Tourmaline infused ceramic tools because they are a lot gentler on the hair. The gentle nature of this gemstone helps reduce frizz, prevent damage and promote your hair’s overall health.

For example, the Wide Plate Blush or Marble Flat Iron are perfect styling tools for finer hair because of the tourmaline infused ceramic plates. The wide plate size covers a larger area of hair so that you don't need to keep going over the same strands and adding more heat. All you need is one swipe and you're good to go! Finish off your hair with our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream to keep your hair smooth all day long.


Other methods that prevent your hair from falling out are using Satin Pillowcases and Satin Hair Scrunchies. Traditional hair ties and cotton pillowcases are way too harsh and actually tug out our strands, causing split ends. Satin is softer and gentler, making it easier for our hair to glide against the material. When it comes to drying out wet hair, ditch your heavy towels and switch over to our Microfiber Towel Wrap for a more efficient and softer way to dry hair. Our microfiber material doesn’t pull or tug at the strands, actually dries hair a lot faster, and reduces frizz!

So if you're like us and would prefer NOT to have your hair fall out, start this Fall season on the right track by following the suggested methods above! Everyone will want to know the secret behind your beautiful and healthy hair.