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January 06, 2017


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Long hair, don’t care! Well, we kinda care… though having long locks is fun, it definitely takes a lot of work and creativity to keep it lookin’ sassy and cool all the time. We’re so tired of rocking common hairstyles like boring ponytails, topknots and lame braids… SO BASIC! And Pinterest ain’t helping either; you’ll need at least 5 arms and bottles of wine to recreate those looks… But don’t give up; we’re here for you! We searched high and low for the best hairstyles for long hair that you can achieve without having at least 4 mental breakdowns. Here are chic and unique ways to style your long, luscious locks:



Rope Braid Hairstyle | FoxyBae


This ain’t your ordinary braid; it’s easier, more chic and definitely unique!

  1. Create a side part on the opposite side where you want your braid to be
  2. Start with a small rectangular section of hair and divide it into two
  3. Take the front section and pull it over to the back
  4. Add more hair to the front section and cross it over to the back again
  5. Repeat steps until you reach the area around your ear
  6. Make sure that the twists are tight and smooth as you go
  7. Once you reach your ear, add thicker chunks of hair to your twists
  8. You should be finished adding hair before you reach your shoulder
  9. When you’re out of hair to add, twist both sections counter clockwise until you reach the bottom
  10. Twist the sections together clockwise
  11. Secure end with an elastic
  12. Gently pull on the twists to add volume


Double Twist Hairstyle | FoxyBae


If you’re feeling sporty, carefree and lazy, try this ponytail with a twist.. like literally!

  1. Divide your hair into two sections
  2. Loosely secure the top half with an elastic
  3. Create a hole on top of the elastic and loop the ponytail into the hole
  4. Gather the rest of the hair and loosely secure it with an elastic
  5. Loop the ponytail into first hole that you created
  6. Tighten the ponytail
  7. Pinch the two folds together on top and pin it in place


Faux Bob Hairstyle | FoxyBae


Change is hard and so is committing to short hair, thank god (or beauty gurus) for this hair hack!

  1. Divide your hair into two sections
  2. Pin the top half up
  3. Divide the bottom half into two and braid the sections
  4. Twist the braids into a flat bun near the nape of your neck
  5. Pin bun into place
  6. Divide the top part into two sections
  7. Tease the lower part of the section to add volume
  8. Comb the rest of the hair back and gather all the remaining hair at the back
  9. Loosely twist the hair and tuck it under the braided bun
  10. Gently pull on the faux bob to release short layers


Triple Bun/Faux Hawk Style | FoxyBae


Not everyone is bold enough to sport the real deal, so for now, we’re gonna stick to trick…

  1. Gather a section of your hair starting from your temples till the back of your head
  2. Pull it up into a messy bun
  3. Take another section starting from your ears till the back of your head
  4. Pull it up into a messy bun
  5. Pin the three buns closer together and tuck in loose chunks of hair
  6. Lightly pull on the buns to add volume


Braided Hair | FoxyBae


This hairstyle is not for beginners, if you think that you’re a braid boss, then this ‘do is definitely for you!

  1. Start with a normal French braid on top of your head
  2. Stop when the braid is on the same level as the top of your ears
  3. Secure the braid with an elastic
  4. Take the ponytail from the first braid and divide it into two
  5. Create a robe braid but take more hair after every twist like you would with when you’re doing a French braid
  6. Stop near the nape of your neck
  7. Secure the braid with an elastic
  8. Take the remaining hair at the bottom
  9. Create a fishtail braid or any braid of your choice
  10. Secure the braid with an elastic
  11. Gently pull on the braids to add volume and texture

So there you have it, five drama-free and non-basic hairstyles for your long hair! Do you have more easy hairstyles that you swear by? Share them with your fellow baes by telling us in the comments section below.

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