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November 04, 2016

HAIR HACKS: EPISODE 1 featured image

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Want to level up your hair game with minimum time and effort? We gotchu, fam! Here are five hair hacks that won’t make you regret that you binge watched last night!

HACK #1: Use a toothbrush to tame baby hair

Yeah, cactus is trendy but no one wants to have spiky hair… You gotta look sleek to slay! Just take a new toothbrush (if you want to use an old one, go ahead… we’re not going to judge you. Well, maybe just a little!) And use it to brush down your baby hair. If you need an extra hold, put a little gel or hairspray on the brush before running it through your hair.

Hair Hack: Tame Baby Hair | FoxyBae

This method works better than using a regular comb or hairbrush because the dense bristles of the toothbrush has the ability to grip onto short and fine hair better. You can also use this hack to tame and shape your eyebrows, just use a brow gel instead of hairspray!

HACK #2: Use bobby pins correctly

YOUR LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE! You’re supposed to use bobby pins with its curvy side down! Well, you’re not supposed to, we don’t have a PhD in hair accessories but guuurl, this is a game changer. All these years, we’ve been blaming pins for their inability to do their only job but nah-uh… it’s not them, it’s us! You can also spray a little hairspray on the pins if you want it to stay on longer and better.

Use Bobby Pins Correctly: Hair Hack | FoxyBae

Is this why we always lose them? Fairies have been stealing them because we don’t know how to use them... We’re sorry, we can change… PROMISE!

HACK #3: Sleep with braids on to get heatless curls and volume.

This is the ultimate lazy girl hack! If you’ve been lusting over Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez’s effortless curls, this trick is perfect for you! This works best if your do this after you wash your hair.

Hair Tip: Sleep with Braids | FoxyBae

The steps are:

  1. Wash and condition your hair. Do not use hair masks or other products that can weigh your hair down. Extra lazy? Just use dry shampoo if needed.
  2. If you washed your hair, let it air dry until its damp. If you didn’t, just spray it with some water (optional).
  3. Braid your hair (Duh!) The thicker the sections you use, the bigger waves you’ll get.
  4. Sleep, watch 5 episodes of FRIENDS… do your thing, boo!
  5. Once you wake up, just do your normal morning routine. Don’t unravel your braid(s) yet.
  6. UNLEASH THE BEAST! Or remove the braids, whatever… Don’t use a hairbrush to comb through them unless you want to look like a cotton candy or tumbleweed. Run your fingers through your hair or use a wide toothed comb to separate the sections.
  7. Use your hair products of choice. For shine, you may use light and thin serums or creams and if you want extra hold and texture, use hairspray and sea salt spray!

HACK#4: Recycle hairstyles

Show up as a baddy in braids the first day and walk in as beach goddess the next without losing sleep! We’re going to give you 3 different hairstyles that you can recycle!

Style 1: Straight hair

Use your favorite hair straightener, we recommend the Foxybae Brush *wink, wink* Using a straightening brush can give you sleek look without losing volume and body. (learn more about it HERE)Do this style first if you have thick or hard to style hair so you don’t have to straighten it mid-week!

Straight Hair | FoxyBae

Style 2: Braids

There are a million of tutorials online, we recommend the classic 3-section braid because it’s the easiest, fastest and it creates better waves.

Braided Hair | FoxyBae

Style 3: loose waves

Well, if you paid attention, you already know how to achieve this. Go back to Hack #3!

Loose Waves Hair | FoxyBae

Now that we’ve covered the styles, here are the combos!

Day 1: Braids

Day 2: Waves

Day 3: Straight hair


Day 1: Straight hair

Day 2: Braids

Day 3: Waves

HACK #5: Don’t spray your hairspray directly onto your hair.

Did you spend AT LEAST an hour to achieve an “effortless” hairstyle that you saw on Pinterest? We’ve all been there… Here’s a trick that you can use to preserve your masterpiece without making it look crunchy and stiff, do NOT spray your hairspray directly on your hair. This can make it look too perfect which totally defeats the “I woke up like this” vibe. Spray your products on your palm and run your hands through your hair or if you want to get more volume and texture, scrunch your curls upwards.

Control Hairspray | FoxyBae

So that’s it! 5 hair hacks that can change your life (or at least your beauty routine) FOREVER! Have you tried any of the tricks we mentioned? Did they work for you? If you have more hair tips and tricks that we haven’t mentioned, help out your fellow FoxyBaes by sharing them in the comments below!

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