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November 15, 2016


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The holidays are fast approaching and parties are happening. We want to make sure that you’re always picture perfect all season! Here are a few hair hacks to get you there:

Holiday Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

French Braid Updo

Gals with short hair tend to stay away from updos simply because they take forever to do and never turn out cute, well not this time! If you’re struggling with short layers that keep falling off, French braid is perfect for you. (Check this easy to understand video to learn how to do it!) If you want to hide the baby ponytail at the bottom, just simply tuck it under your braid and secure it with a bobby pin!

Classy French Braid Updo | FoxyBae

Braided Ponytail

This next hairstyle is the French Braid Updo’s edgier sister. This is a perfect hairdo if you have shorter layers. Its classic look makes it the perfect holiday hairstyle for medium length hair. First step is to create a classic French at the back of your head. Next, stop braiding midway, we recommend stopping around the same level as your ears (you can also go lower or higher, depending on your hair length or preference). Third, secure your ponytail with a hair tie. Lastly, if you want more volume and texture, pull on the braid. Make sure to not pull too hard to avoid letting shorter layers from escaping your braid (optional step: take a small section from your ponytail and wrap it around the scrunchie for a more sleek and seamless look). You can also convert this hairstyle into a cute updo by just simply wrapping your hair around the base of your ponytail, just secure it with a hair tie or bobby pins and you’re good to go!

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle | FoxyBae

Space Buns

If you wanna be quirky and cute for the holidays, try this out-of-this-world (get it? SPACE buns??) Hairstyle. This is so easy to do! You don’t even have to put any heat to your hair! First, give yourself a middle part because all beautiful buns are made equal! Next, take a small section of your hair. You can start from the top of your ear, working your way all the way to the back of your head. Third, just keep twisting till you reach the end of your locks and wrap it round the base of our hair and secure it with a hair tie. The last step is pin loose hairs strands and adjust your buns till it’s (almost) even. (Remember: buns aren’t twins, they’re sisters!) You can also add hair accessories like sparkly pins and cute pompoms to spice up your look.

Trendy Space Buns Hairstyle | FoxyBae

Half-up Bun

Not a Space Buns kind of chic? Maybe go for a tamer but equally as edgy version, the half-up bun. It’s similar to the classic topknot but with this hairstyle, you don’t need a hundred bobby pins to hold it together. The steps for this hairstyle are similar to Space Buns but this time, you do not need to part your hair. Just comb your tresses back; you may also leave your bangs or layers to frame your face for a softer look. Next, gather the top half of your hair, you can start from your ears, working your way till the back of your head. Third, you can secure the hair with a hair scrunchie or go straight to twisting until you reach the end of your locks and wrap the twisted piece around the base of your hair and secure it with a hair tie. Lastly, lightly tug the bun to add more volume and secure loose pieces with a bobby pin. Hair accessories are optional.

Half-Up Bun Hairstyle | FoxyBae

Sleek and Straight

Flaunt your layers and make your hair appear longer than it really is by stretching it to its full potential… LITERALLY! Braids and buns come and go but sleek and sassy hair is classic! The first step is very important, use a thermal protector. Next, brush through your hair to evenly distribute the product and remove knots from your tresses. Third, this is very important especially if you have thick or hard to manage hair; divide your hair into thin sections to make sure that all strands are straightened. The next step is pretty obvious; grab your favorite straightener and start brushing! Finish off this classic style by adding sparkly hair accessories because let’s be honest; a little glitter wont hurt nobody!

Sleek and Straight Hairstyle | FoxyBae

So baes, there you have it! 5 fab, festive, and easy holiday hairstyles for medium length hair! What are your favorite hairstyles for short and mid-length hair? Let us know in the comments!

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