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Party Pink Blowout Dryer Brush

Party Pink Blowout Dryer Brush



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Say hello to our best-selling Blowout Dryer Brush in Party Pink, the ultimate hair essential to give you salon-quality blowouts wherever you go! This all-in-1 dryer brush detangles, dries, and styles hair in one easy step and only half the time! Its sleek ceramic-coated barrel styles hair with ease, while protecting your tresses from heat damage and adding a healthy shine. Dual bristles detangle effortlessly and help carry your hair's natural oils from root to tip, creating silky smooth strands with major volume.

Use our 75MM/ 3" full size blowout brush for a loose, overall blowout that has the va va volume that we all need! Our 60MM/ 2.5" blowout brush has a smaller barrel which makes it perfect for those with shorter hair, or you baes who want a more wispy, wavy 90's blowout!

Will not work in countries that use 220V outlets, even when used with 
a US or Universal adapter.

main features


• High-quality Tourmaline Ceramic barrels emit negative ions and heat hair from the inside out, minimizing thermal damage, conditioning the cuticle, taming frizz, and adding tons of shine to your tresses
• Adjustable Heat Settings: 3 Heat + 2 Speed Settings. Dry & Style with 'Low' or 'High' settings, Finish & Set your style with the cool 'Air’ setting
• 360° Airflow Vent provides even heat distribution for a faster styling time
• 360° Swivel Cord for stress-free styling sessions
• 1000W of Drying Power
• 75MM / 3": Ideal for longer hair & loose, overall blowout
• 60MM/ 2.5": Ideal for shorter hair & wispier blowouts
• 1-Year Warranty

how to use


This tool can be used on damp or dry hair. When using on damp hair, always ensure your hair is towel-dried and not soaking wet. Apply your favorite Foxy Leave-in Conditioner, and protect your strands from heat with our Cool AF Heat Protectant prior to styling. Section your hair according to its thickness and select your desired temperature setting. Begin styling each section by placing the brush close to the roots and slowly gliding it down to the ends. Create volume by rotating the brush in or out, and finish each section with the cool air setting to set and smooth your strands.


  • LOW: Half power, medium temperature for gentle drying and styling​

  • HIGH: Full power, high temperature for quick drying​ & styling

  • AIR: Full power, low temperature to finish styling & set your style

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