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November 10, 2016


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Tired of rocking “effortless” curls that took you hours to achieve? Straight hair is the way to go, this hairstyle can instantly turn any look from chill to chic! Here are five simple steps to achieve and prolong runway-ready hair without the help of an army of stylists!

Wash Up, Doc!

Your hair straightening routine should start from when you wash your hair! If you have thick and frizz-prone hair, whip out your heavy-duty conditioner and pile it on! Don’t get too excited; avoid rubbing your hair violently, instead, use a wide toothed comb or brush to evenly distribute the product. Leave it in your hair for a couple of minutes to lock in the moisture. Take this time to jam out to your fave Queen B tunes, We recommend the song “Flawless” because that’s exactly what you’ll be after this routine!

Tip: Wash Your Hair

NO! Stop! Step away from the towel… According to the Huffington Post, vigorously rubbing your tresses can damage your hair! It can weaken your locks by creating small craters along the hair shaft and split ends. Instead, just lightly blot and squeeze out the excess the water off your hair. We recommend air-drying your mane to reduce the risk of heat damage but if you’re in a hurry, use a hairdryer.

Use Protection!

Before you heat style your hair, make sure it’s completely dry. Being sizzling hot ain’t always a good thing, hun! Even though some hot tools claim to lessen hair damage, always remember to use products that will serve as a barrier between your hair and the tool. Thermal protectants don’t only prevent you from having crunchy and stiff hair, they also combat frizz and add shine.

Hair Hack: Use Heat Protectant | FoxyBae

If you have thin and fine hair, use water based products and for thick and course hair, you may opt for thicker products like Argan oils.

Turn Up The Heat!

Well, easy there… don’t turn it all the way up! Most styling tools go up to 450 degrees but it’s important to use a heat setting appropriate to your hair type. It’s better to start on low setting and work your way up. If you have fine or damaged hair, stay within the range 300 to 350 degrees to get the best results without frying your hair.

Hair Tip: Use More Heat | FoxyBae

Don’t be lazy, section out your hair to get best results. We recommend the Foxybae Straightening Brush (don’t act too surprised…) because its ceramic tourmaline brush surface can get to more hair strands in less time unlike the traditional clamp style irons. This amazing brush gives sleek locks to most hair types without losing volume and body! Don’t believe us? Watch THIS!

Sleep Like A Queen

Ever wonder why celebrities wake up with perfect hair and cheery mood? They probably have fancy pillow cases (and hefty pay checks but that’s beside the point…)! Treat yo’ self and use a silk pillowcase! According to celebrity hairstylist and mane addict Jen Atkin  Cotton fabrics absorb moisture while silk retains it. Normal pillowcases create friction that can cause frizz and creases to your luscious locks.

Use Silk Pillow Cases | FoxyBae

This hack will not only cut down your morning hair routine and the horror of dealing with the rat’s nest on your head, it will also make you look fancy AF! Take that, Sleeping Beauty!

Treat and Tame

Dry ends? No problem! It’s totally normal especially if you heat style your hair a lot. Applying more heat to it will only make it dryer and stiffer. Use hair serums to bring back the body and bounce. We recommend using leave in conditioners and Argan oil.

Tip: Leave-In Conditioner is Your Friend | FoxyBae

If you want to embrace your tousled hair days after straightening it, you can use texturizing products like sea salt spray to pump up the volume! This product is the key to finish off the perfect “I woke like this” look!

Well gals, that it! Five quick and easy steps to stay sleek and on fleek for days! Do you have more tips and tricks? Help out your fellow Foxybaes by sharing it in the comments below!

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