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December 23, 2016


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From head cheerleader to a pretty little liar, blonde babe Ashley Benson has been rocking cute and chic hairstyles on and off camera. She’s been known to take fashion risks but when it comes to her evolution of hair, gold is her signature color… or is it?


2006-2008: ALL TIED UP

Young Ashley Benson Hairstyle | FoxyBae

Keepin’ it playful and fun, young Ashley rocked straight and layered locks for years. She flaunted the different lengths of her hair by tying it up in a messy pony or a half up ‘do. She added a more feminine and softer feel by leaving shorter layers down to frame her pretty face.

How to rock this now: You can make this look more modern by ditching the long layers and going for bolder and fuller bangs. Though this look is pretty classic, make your look more edgy by ditching the flat iron and using a texturizing spray instead. You can also make this look more modern by ditching the long layers and going for bolder and fuller bangs.

How to keep this look: According to Bydie.com ‘s senior editor, Deven Hopp, you should always blow dry your bangs right away to make sure that it will lay perfectly on your forehead. 


Ashley Benson Wavy Hairstyles | FoxyBae

During these years, Ashley's evolution of hair grew out of her sleek and straight style and rocked soft waves. This is also the time when her hit show Pretty Little Liars started so it’s only fitting that she channeled her inner sassy and snarky Hanna Marin in front and behind the camera. She also played with this hairstyle’s flexibility by rocking it with both girly and edgy looks.

How to rock this now: To make this look more young and casual, go for a side part and messier waves.

How to keep this look: The key to this look is that you should always keep the top part sleek and the ends of your hair voluminous. You easily can get this look by just using one tool, a hair straightener. Cosmopolitan said that you can create tousled waves by doing the “twist-and-pull method” All you have to do is curl twist your hair away from your face and wrap if around your iron. After, twisting, slightly loosen the grip of your iron plates on your hair and gently pull it downwards. Just make sure that you don’t do this too slow because prolonged direct heat exposure can severely damage your hair. 


Ashley Benson Short Bob Hairstyle | FoxyBae

Benzo made a big change in 2012 by chopping off her golden locks. She went for a flirty layered bob and rocked classic looks with it to achieve a more mature and timeless vibe.

How to rock this look now: This look is perfect for cocktail parties and dates.

How to keep this look: Since short hair is harder to curl, make sure to seal your curls with a generous amount of hairspray. Shape Magazine also said that you can prime your hair with mousse to get more defined curls.  

2013- 2014: LONG AND LUSCIOUS 

Ashley Benson Medium Length Curls | FoxyBae

She obviously missed her long tresses because she went back to her infamous mid length cascading waves. She wore bolder makeup to turn to transform the look from sweet to sultry. 

How to rock this look now: Elevate this look by creating bigger and bouncier waves.

How to keep this look: You don’t need a whole army of hair stylist to recreate this style, you can even achieve this without using any type of hot tools. (Check THIS blog post to find out how to get cute and stylish heatless waves) If you’re planning to use a curling wand on your hair, Bustle’s Emily McClure said that you can make your curls last longer by wrapping the curl back into place, and pin against your scalp with a bobby pin. 


Ashley Benson Short Hair | FoxyBae

As the plot of Pretty Little Liars intensifies, so does Benzo’s look. She went back to bob. She elevated this look by rocking classic ensembles to project a more classic and mature look.

How to rock this look now: This look is definitely for boss ass babes. You can wear this look in business meetings, formal events or even just to work!

How to keep this look: Avoid using products that can weigh your hair down like leave in conditioners and serums. Beautyeditor’s founder Michelle Villette said that you can add volume to your hair by changing the part of your hair and boosting your roots with volumizing products like texturizing powders and dry shampoo. 


Ashley Benson Pink Hair | FoxyBae

WOWZA! Ashley? More like Ash-SLAY! Now that she’s done filming PLL, she took a huge and bold plunge into the cotton candy hair bandwagon.

How to rock this look now: Sky’s the limit! If pink is not really your thing, try different hues, and if you’re feeling really daring, mix two or more colors to achieve a whimsical vibe.

How to keep this look: Bright hair requires a lot of effort and money so it’s always a struggle to keep it as vibrant as possible for a long time. Lucky for us lazy gals, according to Allure, washing your hair less often can help your hair color last longer. Thank god for dry shampoos!

So there you have it, Ashley Benson’s hair evolution from the last decade. Though we love Blonde Benzo, we're totally obsessed with the Bold Benzo! What’s your favorite look that we talked about? Let us know in the comments below!

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