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December 14, 2016


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Hey Baes! We’re pretty sure that most of you watched this year’s most awaited Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Whether you tuned in to see the luxurious lingerie, majestic models or phenomenal performers, it’s hard to ignore the Angels’ signature cascading curls. They’ve been rocking this stunning hairstyle for years and it’s common knowledge that it takes a whole glam squad to achieve those “effortless” curls. Not everyone is blessed enough to have top hairstylists on speed dial so we came up with 5 easy steps for a Victoria's Secret hair tutorial that you can do to get this coveted hairstyle. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Victoria's Secret Hair Tutorial: Runway Hair


Don't Shower to Keep Hair Curly | FoxyBae

Clean and freshly washed hair is harder to sculpt because it has no grit, making it kind of impossible to hold style. Celebrity hairstylist, Richard Marin  said that clean hair is harder to heat style because all of the natural oils have been stripped out of the hair making it limp and flat. It’s usually easier to control your hair if you wait at a day or two before styling. For those with freshly washed or very straight hair, you can prime your locks with products like texturizing spray or powder. If washing your hair is a must, try to skip the conditioner (or at least use less). Though moisture is known to be very good for your hair, it makes styling a lot harder because conditioners usually make hair slippery and heavier.


Use Styling Mousse Before Drying Hair | FoxyBae

To achieve maximum volume and texture, apply styling mousse before blow drying your hair. According to celebrity hair stylist Sarah Potempa, priming your locks with mousse will help the curls last longer. Try to focus the product on the roots to get more lift. If you hate the sticky residue that hair mousse leaves on your hands, Alina Gonzalez of Byrdie said that it’s best to use a hair brush or a comb to apply product to your hair evenly.

When you’re blowdrying your hair, flip your head over and your brush your hair downwards. The same with curling your hair, it is highly recommended that you properly section your hair.  According to StyleCaster’s beauty editor Rachel Krause, skipping this vital step in this Victoria's Secret hair tutorial can leave your hair with frizzy and inconsistent texture. If you think that there’s still not enough volume, you can add clip in hair extensions, just make sure that it’s safe to heat style them and that they perfectly match your hair color.


Protect Your Hair Against Heat | FoxyBae

Always make sure to apply heat protectant products. If you’re using an oil based primer or heat protectant, the best time to apply it is when your hair is still damp. MoKnowsHair said that this trick would give the product more time to sink into your hair follicles and perform its function fully. The most common mistake that a lot of girls do is that they put too much product up to the point where the hair is clumpy and wet. This error defeats the purpose of the protector and causes more harm to the tresses because applying direct heat to damp or wet hair is very damaging. According to hair stylist, Harry Josh, your hair must be bone dry every time you heat style it. Always spray the product at least 5-8 inches away from your hair and evenly distribute the product by using a comb or a brush.


Know Your Different Hair Tools | FoxyBae

If you really want to recreate their Angels’ signature curls, you need to have the right tools to achieve it. If you’re using a curling wand, make sure that you’re using a bigger barrel (around 32mm/ 1¼ inches) and curl thin sections of your hair. If you only have smaller barrels, curl thicker sections

Make sure that your tools are compatible with your hair type, you also need to be mindful of the heat setting that you use, Allure’s Catherine O’Neill recommends that those with thin hair should set the iron to 300 degrees while those with thicker, coarse hair can dial up to 350. If you have thin and fine hair, opt for tools with tourmaline and temperature control. To be safe, use lower heat settings to avoid burning or drying out your hair. For normal hair, you can use a ceramic hair tool because it heats up faster and evenly. And lastly, if you have thick and course hair, go for hot tools with titanium plates. This material conducts heat more making it easier for your hair to cooperate with the style that you’re going for.


Use a Comb to Add Texture to Hair | FoxyBae

Don’t worry if your curls aren’t perfect, for this hairdo, being a little messy is a good thing. If you think that your hair is too perfect, use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to brush out or separate your curls. NEVER use a hairbrush because this will turn your curls into huge clumps of frizz. If you have the hair type that tends to fall flat quickly, seal your locks with hairspray before separating your curls to maintain its shape. For more texture and volume, put a small amount of hair mousse on your palm and apply the product by scrunching your hair from its ends upwards. Seal everything in with hairspray. We advise you to use hairsprays in aerosol packaging because this distributes the product more evenly and is less likely to leave visible product buildup. For those who have really thin and fine hair, skip the hairspray and opt for a texturizing spray. Most hairsprays are too heavy for your hair and will probably weigh your hair down quickly.

So ladies, there you have it, a Victoria's Secret hair tutorial with 5 easy steps to achieve runway curls that don’t need the help of a whole army of stylists! Though the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is very glamorous, you can definitely rock this hairstyle for a huge range of occasions. Do you have some hair curling tips and tricks that we didn’t mention? Share it with your fellow Foxybaes by commenting it down below and who knows, we might feature your hair hack in our next blog posts!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show | FoxyBae

If you don’t have the time and patience to do this specific hairstyle, there are a ton of easy and quick methods to get effortless curls! Check out our post “HOW TO CURL HAIR WITHOUT HEAT”! Is curly hair not your style? Check our blog post “HOW TO GET STRAIGHT HAIR FOR DAYS” to learn about how to get long lasting sleek and shiny locks!

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