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Rose Gold Titanium Spring Curler

Rose Gold Titanium Spring Curler



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Ready for an upgrade from traditional curling irons? Add some GLAM to your routine with our first-ever spring curler (with a clip!). Our Glam Fam Rose Gold Spring Curling Iron features salon-grade Rose Gold Titanium barrels that quickly and evenly distribute heat to create the longest lasting, smooth, and shiny curls yet. This is for you if you have thick, coarse, or stubborn-to-style hair! Enjoy quick and even heat distribution that helps you achieve maximum results in less time. Its rose gold titanium barrels seal in your hair's natural moisture and leaves a beautiful shine. Our Rose Gold Titanium Spring Curler features an On/Off switch with a power indicator light, digital heat settings up to 430°F, cool tip, cool touch thumb press, an 8-ft tangle-free 360° swivel cord, and a built-in safety stand.

1 in / 25mm: The most versatile size! Create defined, voluminous, and longer-lasting curls - or take bigger sections and/or gently brush out curls at the end for a more beachy look. Ideal for most hair lengths.

main features



Rose Gold Titanium barrels for salon-grade results even on stubborn hair
-Digital heat settings up to 430°F for all hair types
-Cool Tip for safer styling
-8-ft. long, 360° swivel cord for tangle-free movements
- Auto Shutoff for stress-free styling sessions

how to use


Once your hair is dried and all products are absorbed, divide hair into 1-2" sections. Hold the Glam Fam Rose Gold Titanium Spring Curling Iron in a vertical position. Open the clamp, take one section of hair, and place the ends over the barrel. Close the clamp and gently twirl the tool in the direction you want the curl. Hold in place for up to 10 seconds for tighter curls, and about 5 seconds for loose waves. Release clamp and let the curl cool to set.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Ugh I had a Remington curling iron loved loved loved it BUT it made the ends of my hair smell fried, burnt, dead. I loved the curls still but my ends didn't smell healthy. This foxybae spring curler ugh I could cry 😭 I let my hair air dry brush it out with my foxybae brush my hair smells so good even when I use the 450 heat setting, I am able to still get the pretties curls changing it down to 360 and they last for days. My hair is so long to my thighs. Not to boast but omg Foxybae products help my hair look amazing, **** and healthy 😍 😭🩷

User picture
Carey Appolonia

Rose Gold Titanium Spring Curler

Jazzy Mina
My FAVE curler !

I threw out my Hot tools curler because this out did it! It doesn’t yank on my hair and the shine it adds !! Obsessed! So fast to curl too!

Irma Lopez

Love it

Tracie Garcia

Rose Gold Titanium Spring Curler

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