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Rose Gold Wireless Auto-Curler

Rose Gold Wireless Auto-Curler



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This one's for you busy boss babes who are always rushing out the door! Our No Strings Attached Auto-Curler is wireless and delivers fresh and foxy curls no matter where you are! The ceramic-coated curl chamber ensures that your hair is well-protected from damage, and helps you achieve a shiny, effortless curl. No outlet? NO PROB! Just charge her up beforehand and enjoy up to an hour of uninterrupted styling time. She can even curl in both directions to achieve exactly the style you need! If you're looking for your new on-the-go hair bestie, you just found her bae!

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main features


CERAMIC-COATED CURL CHAMBER: The ceramic-coated chamber provides even heat distribution for a healthy, shiny curl!
WIRELESS: Style any place, any time. With a rechargeable usb battery, you can get foxy no matter where you are!
LCD DISPLAY: Easily choose your desired settings with the LCD display.
1 HR STYLING TIME: No outlet? No problem. Just charge it up beforehand and enjoy up to an hour of uninterrupted styling time.

how to use


Section hair into 2-3 sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Using the screen, select your desired settings. Take about an inch of hair at a time, and place the ends into the auto curler. Press the start button and watch it work its magic! Repeat throughout hair until style is complete.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Stormi Howard
Batter changes

Absolutely love the curls that it gives the only problem is the charge on it. I left it on the charger over night when I got up in the morning to use it I did half of my medium hair when I got to the other side of my head it died. The claim is an hour, but mine lasted 30 minutes and I had to put back on charger again left it on for about 15 mins took it off and started to finish the other side unfortunately it didn’t last long got about 3 curls in and it died on me again. Great product but the ch

Vanessa Servey
Battery life sucks

I love the way my hair curls with this but I can only curl less than half of my hair before it dies. I doesn't hold a full charge for very long. It lasts less than 15 minutes.

Fabulous & EASY

LOVE this tool, SMALL & WIRELES , first time didnt know how to use it properly but once you get the hang and adjust temp ...omg so easy , just what I needed for curls that look natural and my curls lasted. NO DRYNESS TO MY ...HAIR SOFT CURLS

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Bonnie Lock

Rose Gold Wireless Auto-Curler

Heather Holman
Love this curler for my long hair

I hate curling my long hair myself, but with this tool I can pretty much do my hair without looking! You just need small sections and to wait for it to heat. My hair is thick and it doesn’t get through a whole head without charging it and the buttons are a bit confusing (it says single button to switch directions but I need to rotate through all the options to switch) but would take confusing over frustrating any day as curling my hair with a regular iron never works and takes hours. This I can do in 30 minutes and really without looking. You can feel if it starts to tangle and just stop to avoid getting stuck (which I’ve done twice) but now I know what it feels like haven’t done again.

If they make a version 2 of this I would love if it let you use it WHILE charging and there was a button just for changing direction and not rotating through all the settings.

User picture