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February 16, 2017

TOP HAIR COLOR TRENDS OF 2017 featured image

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Tired of the same hair color that you’ve had for YEARS? Maybe it’s time for you to update your look and spice things up. When it comes to hair, we strongly believe in the saying “Go big (or bright) or go home”. A few highlights and lowlights are definitely not enough! Without further ado, here are the fun and fab hair color trends of 2017 that you should try this year:



Rose Gold: A Popular 2017 Hair Color Trend | FoxyBae


Can’t decide if you wanna go blonde, pink or orange? Why not use all the colors! 2017 hair color trends are all about using multiple colors to achieve the ultimate look. The great thing about this hair color is that you don’t have to fully commit to dyeing all your hair this color! You can add rose gold and blorange hues to your locks with ombre, balayage or even color melting. According to Jasmine Garnsworthy of Style Caster, you should really go to a professional to get your hair done. YouTube tutorials are cool and helpful but it’s not worth risking having bright orange or patchy hair. Also, you should change up your hair care routine to maintain this amazing hair color. Do not wash your hair with hot water and always use color safe hair products. 



Gray/Silver Hair: 2017 Hair Color | FoxyBae


Gone are the days when people are afraid to see their first strand of gray hair. People are now dyeing their hair that icy and edgy color to match this new color trend! Celebrity hair colorist Siobhan Jones said that if you want to go gray, you have to keep in mind that the process involves bleaching, which can weaken your hair. Although this hair color is extremely popular, this means that that you should stay away from products that can dry out your hair.  Instead, use products that have the ability to moisturize your hair like deep conditioners, treatments and hair masks. 



Pastel Hair: Popular in 2016 and 2017 | FoxyBae


If you’re obsessed with unicorns and everything magical, this hair color trend of 2017 is definitely for you! Being a pastel might look amazing, but you have to keep in mind that light hair takes patience, time and maintenance. According to Kate Puhala of Brit + Co, there are a few major things that you should know before embracing the 2017 hair color, and going pastel. First, “Work Your Way to All-Over Color”, which means that you should try to transition your hair slowly, especially if you have virgin or dark hair. Not only is it less damaging, it will also give you the chance to decide if you’re ready to fully commit to a color. Next is “Start With a Bleached Base for Best Results”, whether you have blonde or dark hair; it is strongly advised that you should bleach your hair before dyeing it to achieve a more vibrant look. Lastly, “The Color You See Isn’t the Color You’ll Get”. The color that you see in the bottle isn’t the exact hue that will appear in your new hair color. The best way to see the results without ruining your hair is to swatch the color in a small section of hair.


Balayage/Color Melting is a Popular 2017 Hair Color Trend | FoxyBae


Retire your 2016 ombre and go for more subtle hair color trends of 2017, such as Balayage and color melting. The main difference between them is that balayage is the combination of ombre and highlights, while color melting is a technique that blends the base color with highlights to achieve a seamless transition. Michelle Honeyager of Beauty Hacked said that it is strongly recommended for you to go to a professional to avoid mishaps and mistakes on your new hair color. The great thing about these new hair color trends is that you’re not limited to natural colors like browns and golds. You can opt for brighter hues like red, purple, pink or even green!  Opting for bright hues is a great option because it allows you to show your personality and bright colors are an extremely popular hair color trend of 2017.

So, there you have it! Hair color trends of 2017 that you should definitely try out this year! Did we miss any trends that you love? Share them with your fellow baes by telling us in the comments section below!

Are you into DIY hair hacks? Check out our post about hair color trends of 2017 that you can do at home.  Remember that in order to keep your hair color looking fresh all year, make sure you understand about proper hair treatments that can be performed at home.

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