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Iconic Hairstyles We Love image

Iconic Hairstyles We Love

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to highlight some amazing women who are not only known for their merits, but for their iconic hairstyles! From short bob styles, sleek looks, and luscious...
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Your Sign as a Hairstyle image

Your Sign as a Hairstyle

Uh oh, here we go again. Mercury is doing that thing again where it decides to retrograde and renegade up my life. If you’re familiar with this season, you know that some things may feel really off ...
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Holiday Hairstyles image

Holiday Hairstyles

Don’t mind us… just adding one more thing on your to-do list for the Holidays: planning your hairstyles! You may have already bought your shimmery dress for New Years Eve and your ugly Christmas sweater for that Holiday party this weekend, but now it’s time to figure out the finishing touch (aka your hair)! We know how stressed you have been, babes. So allow us to make this easy for you! Here are some trending hairstyles for you to easily recreate this Holiday season!
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Halloween Lookbook image

Halloween Lookbook

Spooky season is in full effect and It’s crunch time to decide what (or who) you are going to be for Halloween! If you’re anything like us, then Halloween isn’t just a Holiday… IT’S A LIFESTYLE! Whether you want to dress scary or sexy (or both), we have the PERFECT hair tools to help complete your look! Need a little inspo? Check out Foxybae’s 2021 Halloween looks and learn how to achieve each hairstyle:
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Holla-Day Gift Guide image

Holla-Day Gift Guide

Happy (almost) Holiday Szn, Foxys! Every gal deserves to open something special during the holidays, even if they’ve been a little KNOTTY this year! Whether you are shopping for your bestie, your girlfriend, your mom, or yourself, Foxybae has you covered! SLEIGH this holiday season with this ULTIMATE gift guide:
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Hairstyles To Match Your Fall Outfits image

Hairstyles To Match Your Fall Outfits

Reasons why we love Fall: crisp weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and (most importantly) NEW WARDROBES! Now that you have completed back to school shopping, your next step is to coordinate your brand new Fall outfits with the PERFECT hairstyles!! Whether you’re going for a more chic or cozy style this season, any outfit is NEVER complete without a matching hairdo! Here is your step by step guide:
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