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January 19, 2017


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New year, new look! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to change up your style, outlook and hair, leave all the bad and questionable choices and decisions in 2016 and make this year the best one yet! The easiest way to transform yourself is through your hair, just add or chop off a few inches and change your hair color and it will dramatically alter your whole look! If you need some hair inspos for a new haircut in 2017, we got you!

5 New Haircuts for a New Year:


Trending Hair: Bangs | FoxyBae

Yes Baes, bangs are still “in” this year! If you want to be daring, go for the edgier “baby” bangs, this will definitely show off your funky side and fleeky brows. You could also go for a more tame and classic full bangs, this ‘do can fit into a huge range of styles from preppy to punky!

(Kinda) Quick Tip: Having bangs can take a lot of getting used to and patience. You have to fully commit if you don’t want to resort to wearing a hat or pinning your bangs back all the time. According to Byrdie’s Deven Hopp, there are a few things that you need to remember to make your bangs look bangin’ all the time. First, you need to blow dry them right away. Bangs dry quicker than the rest of your head so you have to make sure that it does not air dry in a funky position, once it does, you’re doomed! Next, use less hair products. When styling your fringe, less is definitely more. Apply your usual products on the rest of your hair first and use the remaining products on your bangs, this will prevent you from having greasy bangs at the end of the day. Last but definitely not the least, keep your bangs clean! Since your bangs are closer to your face, they get oily faster than the rest of your hair. You can shampoo them when you’re washing your face or just use dry shampoo if you’re feeling extra lazy. 


New Haircut: Layers | FoxyBae

Have a little fun! If your personal style is more edgy and casual, then this hairstyle is for you! This is perfect if you’re always rocking the “I woke up like this” look because you don’t need to have to have a perfectly styled hair to rock this ‘do! It actually looks cooler if you let your natural hair texture do its thing,

(Not-so) Quick tip: News flash, it’s ain’t that easy too look effortlessly beautiful. Sad, but so true! You can just let your natural do its thing but if you want to be extra, Sharon J. of Total Beauty has a few tips and tricks that you can do. First is moisturize, even though you’re going for a messy look, frizz is not welcome! Use product that will keep your hair shiny and bouncy even with texture. Second is to use products that can help you add volume to your hair, to make enhance your natural waves and curls, you can use a hair mousse while your hair is still damp and let it air dry or use a diffuser. Next is to never be afraid to use hot tools. If you have naturally textured hair, enhance them by adding more curls, just make sure to comb through them to give it a more loose and effortless look. The last step is optional but there are products that can give your hair more dimension and “lived in” look. For this, you can use texturizing creams, powders or sea salt spray.  


Bob Haircut | FoxyBae

If Choppy layers isn’t your thing, try going for a blunt bob! This is for the chic and no BS ladies out there. Nothing says power and confidence more than a sleek hairdo! You don’t need to have super straight tresses to achieve this sleek hairstyle, just make sure that the ends of your hair is super blunt and crisp!

(Legit) Quick Tip: According to Instyle, this hairstyle is perfect if you have super damaged hair from bleach, color or heat because this ‘do gets rid of stringy ends making the hair look fuller. Professional hairstylist Joey Silvestera also said that those with fine to medium hair texture and densities are the perfect candidates for this look because it makes the hair appear thicker and is less likely to break down overtime while texturizing fine to medium hair can cause premature breakage.  


Stylish Haircut: Mid-length Layers | FoxyBae

Let your bobs and lobs grow out and embrace it! If you rocked short hair last year but felt restricted in terms of styling it, maybe a mid length cut is perfect for you! Some might feel that this ‘do is kinda awkward because it doesn’t really fall on the long or short hair category but gurl, it’s this year’s “it” style! It’s also not as high maintenance as super long hair but it gives you the ability to rock intricate hairstyles that you see on Pinterest. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

(Super) Quick tip: If you’re known for being indecisive and low maintenance, this ‘do is perfect for you! Mehera Bonner and Lori Keong of Marie Claire said that this hairstyle is the “Goldilocks of every cute and style” which is perfect! Not too long, not too short, just right! You can literally rock any styles, to name a few; you can sport waves, tight curls, bangs, big curls, ponytails, braids and layers. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST! 


New Hair: Long and Sleek | FoxyBae

Curls are cute but this year, its all bout straight and sophisticated locks. If you see top celebs today like Kim K., Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner, they’re always rocking long and straight locks especially if they’re going for that “too fab to care” vibe. Though we still see a lot of personalities rock sweet & sassy waves and curls, it’s really obvious that long and sleek is the way to go! It’s easy, chic and classic!

(Mega) Quick tip: If you’re not blessed with super straight locks, you can use product that can give you this classic look in an instant. First, never forget to use heat protectant sprays because heat damage can give your hair unwanted frizz and breakage (not cute!). Next is use tools that can straighten your hair without leaving it feeling crunchy and lifeless.. Like the Foxybae Straightening Brush (DUH)!!! It’s made from ceramic tourmaline, which eliminates unwanted frizz and texture while locking in your hair’s natural moisture. Plus, it works on most hair types! Don’t believe us? Watch this before and after video!  

So, there you have it! Five fun and flirty hairstyles that you can sport this new year. Are you planning to change up your look? Let us know by telling us in the comments below!

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