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Boom, boom, boom! Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon (her new hair, that is)! Katy Perry has been blessing us with her unique fashion and beauty statements for years but she still managed to shock everyone when she debuted her new blonde locks!

Katy Perry's New Hair: Katy Perry Went Blonde | FoxyBae

Perry debuted her new bright locks at her friend Sham Ibrahim’s art exhibit at Palm Springs. We’re not actually sure if we’re into this new look but it definitely surprised us.

Been wanting to go blonde too? It’s not as easy as it looks; you have to consider the damages that it can cause your locks. According to Sharron Farrell of Women’s Health, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you go blonde:

Not the Time to DIY

Leave the dramatic color change to the pros! Plus, store bought hair bleach and dyes aren’t strong enough to give you the result that you’re aiming for, unless you want to have brittle, blotchy and dry hair. Just to be safe, save your pennies and book an appointment!

Do it Gradually

Give your hair time to rest, if you have time, do it in few appointments. This will give your time to recover from the treatments. If you need to go through with the transition in one appointment, expect to be in the salon for a looong time (7-8 hours).


Before you leave, make sure that your hair is hydrated. Most professionals use treatments like olaplex, gloss and hair mask.


During the first week of your transition, you have to pump up your hair care. You have to remember that you literally stripped your hair of its natural pigment. Remember to always use hydrating products like masks and oils to avoid unwanted frizz and breakage.

Be gentle

Always consult your hair stylist on how you should wash your hair, they may recommend you to use products that are more suitable for bleached and color treated hair. Since your hair is more sensitive, be gentler to your locks, don’t use harsh tools and always pat your hair dry and never rub with your towel.

Though Perry’s new hair is the center of attention now, let’s not forget some of iconic looks that she rocked in the past. Here are our top looks from Katy Perry:

Katy Perry Pink and Blue Hair | FoxyBae

Classy with a hint of funky! Katy rocked dark locks with bright colored small sections to add more dimension and fun to her classic ‘do.

Pink Hair: Katy Perry | FoxyBae

Simplicity is definitely not what she was going for when she sported her poppin’ pink hair with this intricate pastel-colored ensemble.

Katy Perry's Short Purple Bob | FoxyBae

Perry is serving us fierce, fearless and fun with this short and tousled purple ‘do.

Katy Perry's Black Bob with Bangs | FoxyBae

Katy’s bangin’ black bob is totally the perfect balance between chic and edgy.

Katy Perry Short Pixie Cut | FoxyBae

Katy Perry was definitely too glam to give a damn when she showed up at the Met Gala with her sophisticated and stunning short hair.

 All in all, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing Katy Perry’s future fashion, beauty and hair risks. We’ve seen her with pink hair, purple hair, full bangs and pixie cut, we can’t help but wonder what she’s going to rock next! If you love living vicariously through celebrity's wild hair transformations, then you have to see Ashley Benson's new look. 

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