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Frizz Fighters Deal: Free Satin Accessories w/ Insta-Bae 3 Minute Mask

Frizz Fighters Deal: Free Satin Accessories w/ Insta-Bae 3 Minute Mask



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  • Insta-bae 3-minute mask


Want great hair faster than it takes to think of an IG caption? Our best-selling Insta-Bae 3-Minute Hair Mask is formulated with all the essential ingredients your hair needs to look its best. Featuring our FOXYBAE 12-in-1 Proprietary Blend, this mask is full of yummy vitamins and natural extracts that promote healthy hair that shines.

How to: After cleansing with shampoo, remove excess water and apply evenly to clean, wet hair (We love using a wide tooth comb for this). Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse. For severely dry or damaged hair, apply before and after shampooing. For oily hair, apply from mid-shaft to ends only. Rinse out completely.


  • Woke up like this Satin Pillowcase

Reduce frizz and breakage: The smooth satin fabric allows hair to glide over without upsetting the hair cuticle like traditional cotton pillowcases can.
Prolong your style: The slick surface helps to preserve your blowout or style for longer than a traditional cotton pillowcase.
Stay hydrated: The satin material steals less moisture from your hair than cotton to maintain those nourished, glowing locks and prevent split ends.


  • Hold Up Scrunchie Pack


Get the power ponytail look without the damage! Our all-new Hold Up Satin Scrunchie Pack comes with four protective scrunchies that reduce friction and leave hair creaseless and glowing. They're the perfect hair accessory for a damage-free 'do!


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