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Your Zodiac Hairstyle This Season 🔮

April 10, 2023

Your Zodiac Hairstyle This Season 🔮 featured image

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Hey there, stargazers and hair enthusiasts! It's your resident astrologer and hair guru at FoxyBae here to bring you the latest trend in the world of hair – zodiac hairstyles!

That's right, your zodiac sign doesn't just influence your personality and fate, it can also inspire your next hairdo. Whether you're a fiery Aries, a sensual Scorpio, or a quirky Aquarius, there's a hairstyle out there that perfectly embodies your celestial essence.

So, grab your fave bevy and let's take a journey through the zodiac to find the perfect hairstyle for you this season. From braids to curls, updos to down-dos, we've got you covered with the most gorgeous and flattering hairdos that are written in the stars.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your zodiac mane? Let's go!

kylie jenner short blonde bob

Nothing says BOLD like an Aries and a platinum bob; it’s as if the two were made for each other! Courageous enough to try this look? Use our Rose Gold Sleek Flat Iron to straighten your bob and slightly flip the ends of your hair towards your face!

gig hadid curl style on red carpet

Taurus (ruled by planet Venus that governs all things beauty) is a very sensual sign, meaning they love being pampered! With that being said, there is no better hairstyle for this zodiac than this sleek, pinned back and glammed-up look! Curl your hair with our 32mm Blush Curling Wand to create those luscious curls. Part your hair down the center and slap some Smooth Sailing Ant-Frizz Finishing Cream on the front pieces. Lastly, pin down each piece slightly above your ears by using a bobby pin!


woman with wavy hair

Gemini’s are known to be unpredictable, especially when it comes to styling their hair. This playful hairstyle is perfect for this two-sided zodiac. You two can achieve this look by using our Rose Gold 7-in-1 Curling Wand! As always, spray your hair with our Cool Af Heat Protectant then hold each curl for about 5-10 seconds!


selena gomez with 60s hairstyle on talk show

Nurturing and sensitive, Cancer’s were born to wear this sweet and innocent half-up hairstyle. Spray your hair with our Cool AF Heat Protectant, focusing primarily on the ends. Thoroughly straighten your hair with our 2-in-1 Flat Iron and flip the ends of your hair outwards. Section off half of your hair and tie the top section into a high pony with an elastic. Leave out a few front pieces for a more complex look!


voluminous curls and textured hair

Extroverted and wild, Leo’s need a hairdo that matches their personality. Don’t tame your mane, embrace it by using our Rose Gold 25mm Curling Wand to create big, bold, and beautiful curls. Section your hair in half and get to curling! Spray our Dirty Gal Dry Shampoo onto your roots and run your fingers through your curls to really make them roar!

zendaya with updo hairstyle and teased ponytail

A powerful sign calls for a powerful hairstyle, such as a power pony! Because Virgo’s are hard-working gal’s, they need a hairstyle that is going to fit in with their busy lifestyle. Recreate this look by forming tight curls with our Rose Gold 19mm Curling Wand. Create a middle part half way down the center of your head and slick your hair back into a high pony. Use our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream to get rid of any frizziness or flyaways! Ain’t nobody gettin’ in your way today!


woman with sleek straight long hair

Libra’s are known to be elegant, even their hair is flawless! There’s nothing more harmonious than a sleek hairstyle parted down the center. For this look, use our Blush Flat Iron and thoroughly straighten each strand of hair. We recommend sectioning your hair into 2-3 sections to get rid of any previous wave or curl for the ultimate, sleek look!


woman with double braids in pulled back hairstyle

Nobody would dare stand in a Scorpio’s way, not even their own hair! Braided pigtails are a perfect match for their big energy. Start off by using our Rose Gold Straightening Brush to get rid of any waves or curls and section off two thin front pieces. Form two high pigtails and secure with an elastic. Use our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream to keep flyaways down. Tightly braid each pigtail then tie off with an elastic!


woman taking photo of her ponytail bubble hairstyle

Sagittarians aren't afraid to try something new, even if it's a double-colored bubble ponytail. Use our Rose Gold Straightening Brush to straighten your hair for a clean and sleek start. Create a tight, high ponytail and start adding elastics all the way down to the ends of your hair. Pull each “bubble” to give it a more voluminous look!


woman with curtain bangs and long wavy hair

Classy capricorns won’t think twice on whether or not to get bangs, and what style of bangs are more classic than curtain bangs!? To achieve this desired look, use our Rose Gold Round Brush and rotate your damp bangs towards your forehead while also using our Rose Gold Blomance Hair Dryer to dry. Once your hair is completely dry, create loose curls with our Rose Gold 32mm Curling Wand by holding each strand for 5-10 seconds!


woman with wavy long hair

Long, mermaid waves are the perfect zodiac hairstyle for the water loving Aquarius. Section your hair into 2-3 sections depending on the thickness and hold our Baby Blush Wavy Baby Waver for about 5-10 seconds! Start from the roots and make your way down each strand. Optional: spritz your hair with our Beach Please, Sea Salt Texturing Spray to channel your inner beach babe even more!


woman with curled hair and hairclips

Soft and bouncy curls paired with two snap clips is a hairstyle that works swimmingly for kind-hearted Pisceans. Curl each strand of hair using our 25mm Blush Curling Wand and lightly run your fingers through your curls to give it a fluffier look! Use two snap clips and place them on each side of your front pieces! 

Thanks for reading bae, checkout our Instagram for more inspo!

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