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Your Sign as a Hairstyle

June 13, 2022

Your Sign as a Hairstyle featured image

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Uh oh, here we go again. Mercury is doing that thing again where it decides to retrograde and renegade up my life. If you’re familiar with this season, you know that some things may feel really off and out of whack. Mercury Retrograde is a time to be mindful of our communication habits, reflect on the past, and to remain calm despite all the chaotic uproar. 

Perhaps these hairstyles based on your zodiac sign can help you manage the last few weeks of the retrograde.


Gemini season just started and people with these signs are already having so much fun! Gems are typically lively, love to flirt, and are usually always running late because they live such busy lives. These air signs thrive off conversation and so you’ll never see a Gemini being quiet. If you’re a Gemini, try out bubble braids. It gives off such a flirty, fun vibe and represents your bubbly personality.


Softies like Cancers prefer delicate and romantic hairstyles. Cancers are deeply connected to their feminine energy where they are highly empathetic and thoughtful. A hairstyle perfect for a Cancer would either be a braided updo or soft glam waves with shiny hair accessories to sweeten up the entire look. These hairstyles will have Cancers looking like the true princesses they are.


Nothing can roar louder than a Leo’s voluminous mane. Leo’s are fierce and full of fire! They can be hard to tame at times but once you have a Leo in your pack, you’ll realize that they’re extremely loyal and protective of their friends. BIG curls and a luscious blowout is exactly what a Leo needs to get through this retrograde. Get the look with our Baby Blush Blowout Brush.


Perfect, perfect, PERFECT. Virgos are detail-oriented and logical but at the same time highly creative beings. They know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how to get what they want. These mighty Earth signs love a symmetrical hairstyle so a sleek and straight look is the ultimate power move. Achieve this super sleek look with our Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron.


Libras live for maintaining balance and are the mediators amongst the zodiac signs. They are social butterflies who love fluttering around to all friend groups, care deeply about the people around them, and are natural peacemakers. If you’re a Libra, then a well-balanced hairstyle is a half-up half down one. Add a simple braid to tie everything together! Get these gorgeous, cascading curls with our Rose Gold 7-In-1 Curling Wand


Oh Scorpio, you’re a hard one to read. You’re quite mysterious, oftentimes misunderstood, and seen as unpredictable. We can try to crack these Scorpions all we want, but really THEY only know what they want. A tousled layered hairstyle is the perfect reflection of a Scorpio’s many depths. Achieve these loose waves with our Rose Gold 32mm Curling Wand


These fire signs are the ultimate risk takers and are down for literally any adventure. They are independent and can achieve anything they set their minds to. You’ll often see a Sag wearing a messy ponytail whilst embarking on some fun adventure such as hiking through rocky terrains or camping in the woods.


Capricorns mean business so you better take them seriously because these signs are not here to play. Capricorns are highly ambitious, hardworking, and as a result are the ultimate workaholics. A sleek low bun is the perfect hairstyle for these girl bosses. It’s easy to dress up for a work meeting and dress down for a night out! Create this super sleek low bun style with our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream


Aquarians care deeply about the planet and are always spreading their optimism wherever they go. They are commonly mistaken to be water signs, but are actually air signs. They do however LOVE the beach and feel the most at ease next to bodies of water, which is why mermaid waves are their go-to look. This hairstyle is perfect for the free-spirited Aquarian. This beachy style is so easy to achieve with our Rose Gold Wavy Baby Triple Waver


Pisces are often lost in a daydream due to their highly imaginative brains. Sometimes they’ll lose their train of thought or even have a difficult time paying attention to what’s being said to them. They’re incredibly empathetic, intuitive, and creative. Because they seem to have a lot on their minds, a space bun hairstyle is the most fitting. It represents all of Pisces' out of the world ideas! Use our Rose Gold 25mm Curling Wand to get these soft, everyday curls!


Being the first in line of the zodiacs, Aries individuals are natural leaders, are self-assertive, and confident. They too are usually on the go with a million tasks on their to-do lists. As a result, a short and sleek bob cut is the hairstyle for them. It’s bold and easy to maintain which is what an Aries loves most because let’s be honest, they’re already running late.


Taureans are divine, sexy, and intelligent. These traits are what make them so desirable as they are ruled by Venus, the planet that rules love, beauty, and money. Taurus’ are super determined and headstrong, just like their symbol the Bull. A trendy hairstyle best suited for a Taurus are two braided front pieces, which represent the horns of a bull, and some loose waves that show off their femininity.