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5 TikToks to Keep You Cute All Quarantine

May 20, 2020

5 TikToks to Keep You Cute All Quarantine featured image

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Raise your hand if you downloaded TikTok as a joke just to see what the hype was about but can’t stop scrolling, because same! Sure your screen time might have hit an all time high, but why not take a break from learning the latest dance challenge to level up your hair game! Here are the girls who’ll have you looking cute all quarantine! 



There isn't a hairstyle Naomi can’t hack, and her tutorials are some of the easiest to test-drive from your bedroom floor. But if you’re really just looking for something to keep your hair out of your face while you hustle from home, her messy bun is a great style to go for.


Quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t stay stuntin’, and Cynthia’s half up and half down pony is perfect for looking fine af from your house. And when you feel ready to swap out your sweatpants for something a little extra, her fashion videos will get your style game together too.



Between needing to binge watch that one Netflix show no one can stop Tweeting about and keeping up with all of your video calls, some of us are struggling to find time to get dolled up. Braids are the best way to keep your hair styled for days, and Gisele’s Dutch braids will do the trick! 



Getting glammed up for the ‘gram is a great way to get your mood going, and nothing screams “glamour” more than Sahara’s take on Bella Hadid’s signature red carpet hair style. 




Never have we ever wanted to travel back in time more than now, but anyone looking for a throwback to better times will love wearing Yulissa’s Y2K-inspired side part and pigtails. 

Ready to slay all your Zooms calls? Go ahead and give these girls a follow! 

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