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Titanium vs Ceramic: Which Is Best For Your Hair?

November 09, 2020

Titanium vs Ceramic: Which Is Best For Your Hair? featured image

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Hair tools ain’t cheap, baby. We couldn’t agree more! Tired of never knowing which tools to invest in? Well lucky for you, we’re breaking down what you need to know before spending your hard-earned money! You may have heard of the debate between titanium and ceramic tools, but with all the different claims out there it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. We’re sharing our secret to buying the best tool for you! 


Ceramic hair tools remain the most popular among hairstylists and at-home users. FOR GOOD REASON! The ceramic plates deliver uniform heat during styling to ensure that your hair is well-protected from damage and frizziness. What we love most about ceramic tools is that it increases moisture preservation in your hair strands, giving you a hydrated and nourished look that will definitely turn heads! The gentle nature of the ceramic material is ideal for you babes with thin, fine, and easily-damaged hair. Ceramic tools are also a great option for those with colored hair, because the infrared technology in ceramic tools heats the hair from the inside, without causing damage to the exterior layer. If your hair is easy to straighten and more prone to damage, we recommend using hair tools made of ceramic material to give your hair that extra TLC! 

Can’t seem to find the perfect ceramic tool for you? Look no further, bae! Our entire White Marble Collection is made with tourmaline-infused ceramic that prevents damage and frizz, while also giving your hair the GLOW it deserves! Another option for some BOMB ceramic hair tools is our Electric Dreams Neon Collection, which provides the same benefits as the White Marble tools, while bringing a fun pop of color to your hair collection! 


Titanium tools are coming in HOT in the hairstyling world! Most of it is due to its quick-heating and irresistibly smooth plates that glide over hair to give the most gorgeous shine! Many hair lovers have been switching to titanium because it can reach high temperatures in record time, making it perfect for all you busy, on-the-go boss babes! BUT BE WARNED BABES! Titanium’s power and heat capabilities are only beneficial for those with thick, coarse, or stubborn hair types that need the high temperatures to properly style. Using titanium on fragile hair can actually cause more unwanted damage, so it may be safer to stick to ceramic. 

Our Pro Rose Gold Collection features tools made with rose gold titanium, which releases negative ions while you’re styling to protect hair follicles and retain your hair’s natural moisture. You’ll look bangin’ in no time! 

Have more hair questions you want addressed? Head to our instagram to let us know what your hair FAQs are! 

XOXO, FoxyBae