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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

November 04, 2020

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide featured image

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IT’S THE SEASON OF GIVING LADIES and we know how hard holiday shopping can get. Never know what to buy for your besties? We’ve got you covered, bae! Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide will make your shopping trip SNOW quick and easy! We have a comprehensive list of goodies for every kind of girl on your list! 


Marble Mini Travel Kit

For the girls who hate being tied down, the best gift comes in a small package! Living out of your suitcase just got FOXIER! FoxyBae’s Mini Travel Kit is the ultimate gift for all the travel-loving babes. This travel kit comes with a mini curling wand, mini flat iron, and mini hair dryer in a perfectly-sized travel case! Just throw this in your carry-on and go! 

Don’t Hate, Hydrate Hair Mask

All that traveling is harsh on the hair. Those private jet flights to the Hamptons can dry out your locks and make your hair more prone to breakage and frizz! Luckily we know just how to bring your strands back to life! The Don’t Hate Hydrate Hair Mask is your travel bff! With its nourishing blend of hydrating ingredients, you can step off the plane looking FOXY as hell! Each dose of hair goodness is individually packed, so you can easily throw them in with your travel-sized beauty goodies! 

Rose Gold Detangling Brush

Be the right kind of knotty while on vacay! The Rose Gold Detangling Brush does all the dirty work for you! We know the struggle of having to detangle your hair every 5 minutes. Throw this detangling brush into your travel bag to ensure you don’t have any overseas entanglements (;

Dirty Gal Dry Shampoo

Every travel gal knows how hectic it can get when you’re on vacation! For those on-the-go girls who don’t have time to wash their locks, the Dirty Gal Dry Shampoo is the answer to all prayers! Just spray and slay! You’ll be back to partying it up in Paris in no time at all!


Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron

Every curly girl has those moments when they want to be tres sleek. The Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron helps you achieve the most amazing straight-hair look without causing unwanted damage! Made with rose gold titanium plates, this flat iron perfects and protects so you can SLEIGH this holiday szn!

Smooth Sailing Anti Frizz Finishing Cream

NO FRIZZ, ALL FOXY! Curly hair can be a challenge to get under control. Good thing we have the remedy! The Smooth Sailing Anti Frizz Finishing Cream is the ultimate gift for the curly girl in your life, with its ability to control and tame those stubborn flyaways while eliminating that unwanted frizz! It’s all smooth sailing from here, babe!

Foxy Paddle Brush

Gently brush out those curls with the Foxy Paddle Brush! The wide-set bristles make this the perfect detangling tool for all curly girls. Break up those tangles without breaking your strands!

Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner

Every curly girl needs that extra nourishment to keep those curls looking FOXY! The Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner is the perfect gift because of its ultra-hydrating formula that tackles frizz and tangles all in one. This formula is also made with biotin, so your curly girl bestie will thank you for helping keep her hair moisturized while also promoting hair strength and growth! 


Rose Gold Straightening Brush

This one goes out to all the straight-haired goddesses out there! The Rose Gold Straightening Brush is the ultimate gift, with its hassle-free straightening and blow drying powers combined into one perfect tool. 

Rose Gold 7-In-1 Curling Wand

More is always better, babes! The possibilities are endless with the Rose Gold 7-in-1 Curling Wand. Perfect for all straight-haired cuties, this tool can be used to achieve every kind of curl you can imagine! 

Cool Af Heat Protectant

Every straight-haired baddie knows how heat damage can ruin a perfect, sleek look. Protect your precious locks with the Cool Af Heat Protectant before going in with your fav FoxyBae hair tool! Add this to your shopping cart, because nothing’s getting in the way of us living our FOXIEST life! 

Beach, Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

The perfect gift for any straight-haired gal on your list! Styling can be difficult without the right amount of texture, but the Beach, Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray will add volume and definition to even the dullest of manes! 


Electric Dreams Neon Curling Wand

For your besties who live their life in color, the Electric Dreams Neon Curling Wand is the ultimate gift this holiday season! Your friends will thank you for electrifying their hair collection and helping them stay FOXY all season long!

Rose Gold Wavy Baby Triple Waver

The free spirit in your life can achieve the ultimate effortless beachy look with the
Rose Gold Wavy Baby Triple Waver. The titanium barrels heat up quickly for the fastest and easiest styling session, so they can get back to living their best life! 

Accessorize Me

Every free spirit needs accessories that are as bold as they are! The Accessorize Me bundle comes with all the styling necessities you could ever dream of! Give the gift of BLING this holiday season to all your baddie besties!


Rose Gold Blowout Dryer Brush

Ugh don’t the baddest b*tches always have the bombest blowouts? The Rose Gold Blowout Dryer Brush is the perfect gift for your friends who somehow look good 24/7! This hair tool is quick and easy to use so they can spend less time styling, and more time SLEIGHING! 

Cali-Four Pack

The perfect gift for the California queen in your life! The Cali-Four Pack comes with the Don’t Hate Hydrate Hair Mask, Beach Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner, and Cool Af Heat Protectant Spray (aka the four most nourishing products your hair will ever need!). 

Marble Bundle

Whether you want straight and sleek or curls for days, the Marble Bundle does it all! A great gift for the boss ladies that are always busy and on the go! They can easily switch up their hair style for every event in their life! They’ll definitely thank you later for this one, babe!