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Target Must Haves

May 20, 2022

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You’re lying if you think Target doesn’t have a hold on you and your shopping addiction. We all go into Target for one thing but easily leave with $100 worth of random, but super cute and “necessary” items. Here is a list of some Target must-haves! 

Press-On Nails

Don’t get me wrong girlies, we love going to the nail salon just as much as you do, but sometimes we need to save a little extra money. Press-on nails are so affordable, easy to apply, and SO CUTE. They have so many fun designs and nail shapes to choose from that you can literally change your nail look to match every outfit if you wanted to. 

Reusable Water Bottles

Is it just us or does having a cute water bottle make us want to drink more water? Target has such a wide variety of reusable water bottles like I probably have about 4 different ones from there and I don’t ever plan on stopping.

Pajama Sets

Nothing beats the feeling of super soft and comfy pjs, and let me tell you Target has some pretty amazing ones. They’re buttery soft and also really cute to lounge in. Here’s your sign to get yourself a pajama set from Target and have the ultimate self-care night.

Curling Wands

Did you know your fave FoxyBae Curling Wands are now available at Target? These Rose Gold Curling Wands are to die for because of their incredible titanium barrels, which come in not one but THREE barrel sizes: 19mm for tighter curls, 25mm everyday curls, and 32mm for bouncier waves. Trust us, you’ll want this to be #1 on your Target shopping list.

Seasonal Items

Target’s seasonal section ALWAYS gets me every time! Name any holiday and Target quite literally never disappoints. They have the best decor for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day ranging from pillows, napkins, snacks, etc. 

Body Scrub

Tik Tok made these TreeHut Body Scrubs go viral and we’re here to say they are definitely worth all the hype. These scrubs will leave you smelling SOOO good and oh so soft. These are great for exfoliating your body and getting rid of dead skin. So just like the pajama set, add this to your next self-care night and enjoy!

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