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Holla-Day Gift Guide image

Holla-Day Gift Guide

Happy (almost) Holiday Szn, Foxys! Every gal deserves to open something special during the holidays, even if they’ve been a little KNOTTY this year! Whether you are shopping for your bestie, your girlfriend, your mom, or yourself, Foxybae has you covered! SLEIGH this holiday season with this ULTIMATE gift guide:
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Hairstyles To Match Your Fall Outfits image

Hairstyles To Match Your Fall Outfits

Reasons why we love Fall: crisp weather, pumpkin flavored everything, and (most importantly) NEW WARDROBES! Now that you have completed back to school shopping, your next step is to coordinate your brand new Fall outfits with the PERFECT hairstyles!! Whether you’re going for a more chic or cozy style this season, any outfit is NEVER complete without a matching hairdo! Here is your step by step guide:
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How To Practice Self-Care When Life Gets Busy image

How To Practice Self-Care When Life Gets Busy

With school back in session and work back in the office, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed especially after being quarantined for MONTHS. Sometimes we feel the need to do everything all at once, but it is important to take a step back to take care of ourselves. Here are a few ways to practice self-care in order to make you feel FOXY again!
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6 Looks For Back To School + Essentials image

6 Looks For Back To School + Essentials

You may not be excited that summer is ending, but back to school calls for a new look!! From wavers and straighteners to heat protectant and travel sized shampoo, we have listed all the tools and essentials you need for making your morning routine on the first day of school a breeze! Here are 6 looks that will make your classmates' jaws DROP as soon as you walk in the door of first period.
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Summer Guide to Keeping Your Hair Blonde (not green!) image

Summer Guide to Keeping Your Hair Blonde (not green!)

Hey Blondies! Want to hit those epic pool parties this summer without stressing about your hair turning green from chlorine? Don’t worry bae, we got you covered! It’s common for blonde hair to turn a slight greenish color (especially towards the ends) after swimming in chlorine-based pools. FoxyBae wants you to live your best life this Summer, so follow these tips and tricks to maintain your gorgeous, blonde hair color!
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Winter Hair Care Routine image

Winter Hair Care Routine

A good hair day starts with the right routine, babes. The winter season is the harshest time for our hair, so having the right hair care routine is key to keeping you FOXY all the way through New Years! Follow these steps to keep your locks nourished and moisturized all winter long.
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