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Protect Your Summer Hair

May 25, 2022

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This Hot Girl Summer season is all about beach trips with the girlies, taking our vitamins, and most importantly, protecting our hair and treating it right! Here’s how to achieve healthy and glowy hair all Summer long:


1. Heat Protectant Spray

Girl, you know the drill! Our Cool AF Heat Protectant Spray is a staple for ALL seasons so don’t forget to stock up this Summer because your hair will be needing it. Just like sunscreen, heat protectant spray shields your luscious locks from those UV rays and prevents sun damage.


2. Hats and Bandanas

The easiest way to spice up your Summer outfit is topping it off with a cute bucket hat or bandana. The plus side to this is that your hair will be covered up and protected from the harsh sun. There are a ton of trendy hairstyles that pair perfectly with these accessories. Try some braided pigtails or loose waves with a hat and mermaid style waves with a bandana.


3. Drink Your Water

This is the #1 rule to literally anything in life. You want clear skin? Drink water. You want to reduce bloat? Drink water. You want happy and healthy hair? DRINK YOUR WATER! How we treat ourselves internally correlates to everything else physically and so if we stay hydrated, our hair will be too.


4. Anti-Frizz Cream

It’s getting hot and HUMID out here, so that means our hair is prone to frizzing up. Fight the frizz by applying our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream throughout your hair and the best thing about this product is that it doesn’t harden or flake!


5. Hair Washing Routine

Nothing feels better than a refreshing shower after a long summer day but remember not to overwash your hair. Over-shampooing our hair can actually strip our scalp of its natural oils and dry it out. Try sticking to deep conditioning 2-3 times a week and add our Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner to your routine. This product works wonders on your hair! It’s ultra hydrating, moisturizing, and has biotin in it which promotes hair growth.


6. Hair Masks

Before you hit the pool, apply a hair mask to your strands for extra vitamins and to shield from the chlorine. Pools with chlorine can harm your hair and overdry it. Applying a hair mask creates a barrier between your hair and the other harsh chemicals swimming in the water. Our Don’t Hate, Hydrate Replenishing Hair Mask has coconut extract which is great for some shine and restoring your hair’s elasticity.


7. Purple Shampoo

This one’s for our blonde colored baes! The Summer heat drastically affects the color of our hair and promotes unwanted brassiness. Use our Always Sassy, Never Brassy Purple Shampoo to neutralize your hair’s color tones and keep your blonde oh so fresh! The shampoo is formulated with our unique 12-in-1 blend to add moisture, strength, and SHINE.