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Killer Hairstyles for Your Creepy Costumes

October 30, 2019

Killer Hairstyles for Your Creepy Costumes featured image

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Finally figured out what you’re going to be this year? Awesome! But have you figured out what to do with your hair? It’s such an important aspect of a costume that a lot of people seem to forget or gloss over. Instead of throwing a wig over your locks, here’s some inspo for some cute Halloween hairstyles.


Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean your hair has to look like it too! The key to wild, zombie hair is lots of teasing. Use Foxybae’s Beach, Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray generously on your whole head, making sure to get your roots. Once dry, take a small section of your hair and hold it from the ends in an upwards position. Take a comb and run it through your hair from end to root. Continue this on the rest of your hair, keeping in mind that the smaller the strands and the more you tease, the bigger your hair will be. Feel free to add leaves, hairspray, paint, or fake blood for a more realistic zombie.


This hairstyle is out of this world, and can serve as your alien antenna. Part your hair down the middle and create two pigtails. Take one side and twist it like a rope (the tighter, the sleeker and smaller the bun). Then take the twisted hair and coil it into a tight bun, making sure to secure it with bobby pins, and tucking the end under the bun. Do the same with the other side. Add glitter and/or hair paint for a little extra pizzazz.


This look will start off the same as the alien space buns, in two pigtails, but place the pigtails where you want the horns to be. Begin wrapping the hair around in a cone shape, using a lot of bobby pins and hairspray along the way to keep the shape. Tuck the ends of your hair under the bottom of the horns and secure with more pins. If you have trouble with this method, another option is to use a headband with wire where the horns would be and using that as a guide.


Take your 19mm Foxybae curling wand and set it to 200 degrees for thin hair, 300 for thicker hair. This smaller barrel will give you a tighter curl which is more typical of clown hairstyles. Curl your hair up to your jawline, because once finished, you will separate your hair into pigtails. Yes, again. There’s just something menacing about separating your hair into two halves. Make sure to run your fingers through your curls when finished to separate them.


Witches tend to have long, luscious hair from years of stealing the souls of youths, so the longer your hair, the better. To get your hair silky smooth, use your Foxybae Très Sleek Flat Iron to go over your hair. Then, using your 32mm curling wand, add a few waves to the end of your locks give your hair a flowing effect. Now just throw on your hat and go brew up some trouble!

If these 5 hairstyles didn’t fit your style, hopefully they inspired you to conjure up some killer ideas of your own. If you attempt these styles or create some of your own, make sure to tag us on instagram @Foxybaehair! Happy haunting!