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Iconic Hairstyles We Love

February 24, 2023

Iconic Hairstyles We Love featured image

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To celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to highlight some amazing women who are not only known for their merits, but for their iconic hairstyles! From short bob styles, sleek looks, and luscious waves, the hairstyles have made a statement on these women's careers.

Read on to find our top iconic hairstyles we can't get enough of — and how you can recreate them on your own (or at least a similar vibe!) Let us know which is your favorite!

1. Marilyn Monroe

The Look

This “blonde bombshell” is recognizable from miles away. Known for her iconic red lip, Marilyn Monroe’s fabulous look was never complete without her blonde retro waves. The actress had a tight and voluminous look that's honestly timeless.

How to Make It Your Own

Easily replicate the style with FoxyBae’s Rose Gold 32mm Curling Wands! Monroe’s curls are big and voluminous so any of our 32mm wands will do the trick. After some hairspray, gently brush out the curls around the face with a Paddle Brush that will create that smooth face-framing bounce. 

2. Audrey Hepburn

The Look

A wise woman once said, “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” That wise woman was none other than Audrey Hepburn, best known for her role in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Hepburn’s notorious look consists of a little black dress, a pearl necklace, and most importantly an elegant up-do hairstyle.

How to Make It Your Own

Foxybae’s Blowout Dryer Brush will prep your hair perfectly to give it that extra volume and bounce it needs to stay full. Then, work to assemble your locks into a classic bun at the crown of the hair. If you have bangs, pull them out! If not, a few strands can uplevel the appearance. While you likely don't have a tiara laying around, we love the idea of modernizing it with one of our Statement Hair Clips. Now to just make that reservation for breakfast at Tiffany's. 

3. Twiggy

The Look

Calling all the gals with pixie cuts! This one’s for you. British icon Twiggy is known for her neatly cut and parted hair. Did you know that Twiggy’s pixie cut was actually a happy accident? Apparently, the young actress at the time intended on only getting a simple shampoo and trim at the salon, but was asked by the stylist if he could give her a haircut. Twiggy was too shy to say no, however, she ended up loving her new look. And just like that, she became a cultural icon to women all over the world!

How to Make It Your Own

Any of the FoxyBae flat irons will help you achieve this sleek side swept hair do. Once everything is laying where you'd like, use a trusted hairspray that won't weigh it down to keep those flyaways at bay.

4. Beyonce

The Look

Our next hair style icon is the Queen B herself, Beyonce. This Grammy award-winning star is popular for turning heads in about just anything she wears. One of our favorite Beyonce looks is her voluminous wavy hair she often wears during performances. What’s the secret? Her stylist shared that Beyonce loves a good deep conditioning hair treatment.

How to Make It Your Own

We swear by treatments, too! Our leave-in conditioner is a great addition to any hair wash day for added moisture and protecting strands. For the curls, go for FoxyBae's Wavy Baby Triple Weaver. Its titanium barrels create stunning crease-free waves that will have you ready to run the world. 

5. Halle Berry

The Look

Another fave pixie cut icon! Halle Berry is famous for her spiky hairstyle back in the 90s. She reminds us that short-haired girlies can have fun with low-maintenance hairstyles.

How to Make It Your Own

To get this messy yet edgy hair, use FoxyBae’s texturizing spray to add more depth! This spray also has biotin in it so your hair is not only getting a super stylish look but also some extra nutrients. Our Rose Gold Trés Sleek flat iron features ultra sleek, spring-loaded plates that make it easy to create a variety of hairstyles even on pixie cut hair!

6. Ariana Grande

The Look

One of this generation’s most talented vocalists and pop stars, Ariana Grande, first was known for her super red hair on Nickelodeon's Victorious, but is now famous for her extremely long ponytails. Ariana has mentioned before that she started wearing ponytails and extensions because her hair was so broken and damaged from all the red dye. She shared that her hair care essential is coconut oil, which is beneficial in promoting hair growth.

How to Make It Your Own

If you’re trying to replenish and repair your hair, FoxyBae’s Don’t Hate, Hydrate Hair Mask is your next step to happy healthy hair. Sleek back your hair into a pony using our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream to tame flyaways, and run our Straightening Brush through the locks. A perfect solution for taming frizz and straightening hair while keeping fullness.

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