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6 Ways to Style Day Old Curls

April 01, 2018

6 Ways to Style Day Old Curls featured image

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Welcome back to the Foxy Blog, queen. Today, we’ll be going over a hot styling topic: day old curls. It’s an unspoken hair truth that day old hair with curls is the best kind of hair! However, we may not always know what tools and products to use to breathe life back into our next day hair. Well girl, don’t worry, we got you! We’re here to hook you up with some easy styling ideas to keep your hair do’s looking fresh, fierce and foxy.

  • Sleek Wavy Ponytail

    Sleek, effortless and oh so chic! This is a super quick hairstyle that is perfect for day old curls and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. To complete this look you’ll need: hair spray, texturizing spray, 32mm curling wand, and a hair tie. Simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and lay down any flyaways with hairspray. Then select a few curls and re-curl them with the 32mm wand to create a bit more definition. Lastly, add some texturizing spray to hold and maximize definition.

    • Soft Half-Updo with Face Framing Pieces

    For a super feminine, dainty vibe - check this style out! To complete this look you’ll need: a wet brush, a few bobby pins and a 25mm wand. For this, you will first brush out your day old curls and part your hair down the middle. Then take the top half of the front sections and secure them loosely on the back of your hair, leaving behind a few pieces of hair up front to frame your face. Lastly, take your 25mm wand, gently curl just the last two inches of your hair and ta-da! All done!

    • Brushed Out Curls with a Hat (or any hair accessory)

    For this look, feel free to let your personality shine through in your accessory selection, because that is all you need! Whether you wanna rock a beret, a bandana, or a headband - this style only requires that you brush your curls out and throw on your favorite accessory. Feel free to add in a little dry shampoo to keep your mane looking fresh.

    • Half-Up Space Buns

    Feeling a little bold? Try this quirky, fun hairstyle to add a bit of spice to your life! To complete this look you will need: hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, and a teasing brush. As always, brush out your day old curls and part your hair down the center. Next, take the hair ties and create two ponies at the top of your head using the top half of your hair. Then, take the teaser brush and hair spray and back comb the ponies until they are nice and teased! Lastly, spin the hair into a bun and secure each space bun with bobby pins.

    • Messy Top Knot

    This versatile style will have you out the door looking like an effortless queen in just minutes! To complete this look you will need: a hair tie, a teaser brush, hair spray and a few bobby pins. To achieve this, sleek your hair back into a tight pony. Then, lay down and baby hairs and flyaways with hairspray to make sure your hair is looking slick. Take the day old curls in your pony and give them a quick tease with the hairspray and teaser brush. Lastly, just wrap that hair around into a bun and secure with bobby pins!

    • Side French Braid

    Move on over double French braids, it’s all about the effortless side french braid! For this look, you’ll just need a hair tie! Gather your day old mane and bring it loosely to the side. Then braid one side all the way down using as much hair as possible in the braid, and secure with a hair tie at the bottom. Pull on the braids a bit to leave them looking a little loose. Finally, leave a few curls on the opposite side to give this look a romantic feel and you’re all set!

    Let us know how you style your day old curls in the comments below! :)


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