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How to Step Up Your Instagram Caption Game

December 12, 2017

How to Step Up Your Instagram Caption Game featured image

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Have you ever been in the situation when you’ve finally taken the perfect selfie to post but when it comes to posting a caption, you completely blank out? It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, after countless caption brain-farts, here’s a list of tips and tricks to make sure you never struggle when posting your selfies ever again!


 1. Ask Your Friends for Help

When in doubt, send your pic and the “SOS” emoji in the group chat and hope that one of your besties has something clever up their sleeve. Collaborating caption ideas is a quick way to spark your creativity and who knows, your BFF might just surprise you!


 2. Be Clear

Before posting, make sure that your followers will understand the caption and that it isn’t confusing. Basically, don’t post an inside joke that only two of your friends will laugh about because no one likes being left out of a joke!


 3. Not Too Lengthy

 Short and sweet is the key to a perfect caption! Let’s be real, who wants to read a novel under a selfie? Hardly anyone. A caption with less than 25 characters is the way to go!


 4. Use Your Hashtags Wisely

 Nothing is more annoying than an excessive amount of hashtags that are irrelevant to your photo. A less annoying way of including hashtags on your posts is to not post them in your caption but on your first comment instead!


 5. Tag Your Friends

Tagging the people in your photos is always a good idea. It helps your followers engage with your post longer and can boost your likes! Your friend might also gain followers from being tagged so it’s a double win!


 6. Use Relevant Emoji’s

When choosing a caption, emoji’s can make or break the post. Too many can be annoying and irrelevant to add within a caption. Sometimes, solely using emoji’s as your caption is fine when you really cannot think of anything else. Just make sure that they make sense and/or match the colors of your photo. 


7. Think of Song Lyrics

Some of the best captions are actually just taken from songs. Listen to your top fave songs at the moment for inspiration! If you’re still stuck, your best bet is any Drake lyric because they’ll likely be recognized by most of your followers.


 8. Be Encouraging and Inspiring

 One of the best aspects of social media is being able to spread positivity through your posts. Your followers will appreciate an inspiring tone over a negative tone so be sure to stay positive. Simple!


 9. Be Punny

 Puns could be a hit or miss but depending on your personality and aesthetic, they could make for a really clever caption. Just don’t overdo it, you can come off as a little too cheesy.


10. Always Be Prepared

 To avoid future lack of caption creativity, a smart thing to do is keep a list of possible captions in your notes app. You can go back and add to it whenever you think of something and also pull from your list of fire captions when you or a friend is in need!


We hope you enjoyed and learned a thing or two about captions and how to make yours stand out! Instagram can be intimidating at times but just always remember to stay true to yourself and never compare yourself to your followers! 

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