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How to Plan the ULTIMATE Girls Trip

July 12, 2022

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So you and the girlies FINALLY made it out of the groupchat, and it’s time to get planning or else this girls trip is going to wait yet another year. Here’s how to plan out the best girls trip ever!


Before we can even get to booking hotels and what not, you and your girlfriends need to settle on a budget. What can everyone afford and what are they comfortable spending on? Having a budget is practical because let’s be real, we all have bills to pay and responsibilities we still need to take care of. Once a budget is established, vacation destinations and potential dates can be discussed!

Time off:

Although we would love to be on vacay mode forever, this working girl has to get back to her job. Make sure everyone is able to take time off work and talk about how many days they are comfortable with taking off. If everyone in the group works on the weekdays, then a weekend getaway is your best bet! Or perhaps planning the trip around a holiday works out better so you girls can have more days to work with.


Now the fun part: where the heck are we going?! Drop some ideas in the groupchat that work well with both the budget and the dates you all settled on. Think about the season around the time of the trip and figure out what are some great places to visit. Do you girls want to relax on the beach? Go to a place with lots of history? Get lost in nature? Party it up in the city? Hotel or Airbnb? There are endless possibilities!


Even if you’re just planning to relax and spend some quality time with the girls, doing a few activities will still be so much fun to experience! If you’re planning on going somewhere with a beach, try to go snorkeling or surfing! If it’s more city vibes, check out any local art museums. Eating at the local places is a must, so pick your top favorites from Yelp and enjoy!

What to Pack:

So of course we’re going to have to snap some cute pics while on this trip. We need to make sure outfits, makeup, nails, and hair are all on point! Remember to pack clothes according to the weather and a great tip for preventing overpacking is to plan your outfits relative to whatever you girls have planned that day. This is a game changer because we tend to just pack random options and hope for the best. Make sure to add all your fave FoxyBae hair essentials like the Dirty Gal Dry Shampoo, the Mini Marble Travel Kit, and our travel size shampoo and conditioner.

Be Present and HAVE FUN:

This might seem obvious but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t practice being in the moment. Remember to cherish these times because these are the memories that your group of friends will get to look back on. There’s nothing more special than living out your best life with the ones you love most!