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Holiday Hack: Childhood Bedroom Bingo

November 28, 2017

Holiday Hack: Childhood Bedroom Bingo featured image

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No trip back home for the holidays is complete without a sleepover in your childhood bedroom. The place where you became who you are today, through a lot of trial and error you never want to talk about.  While revisiting your old, angsty solace in your parents’ house, take a moment to see how many of these relics from your tweens and teens you can stamp off your imaginary bingo card.

  • 1.) Something you hid so well from your parents you forgot about it until now.
  • Was it a Rated R movie? A dirty magazine? A hamster? We hope it wasn’t a hamster.

  • 2.) Something written on a wall somewhere. #cryforhelp
  • It probably doesn’t say, “Don’t let the bastards get you down,” but the angst level is still off the charts.

    3.) A poster you definitely practiced kissing on.

    Because kissing a poster of Orlando Bloom is just like kissing the real Orlando Bloom.

    4.) An unfinished novel about your first crush.

    It’s probably best that it’s unfinished.

    5.) Remnants of a religion you no longer practice.

  • 6.) And remnants of a hobby you bought expensive stuff for but never pursued. 
  • Guitar? Violin? Hamster?
  • 7.) A complete series box set on DVD because no one saw Netflix coming.
  • Remember when binge watching meant swapping out the DVD after every fourth episodes. Talk about the stone ages. Bonus points if all the DVDs are still in the box.

  • 8.) An outdated video game system that you would have to pay GameStop to take off your hands.

    Face it, it’s never going to be worth a fortune.

  • 9.) An unhealthy amount of full length mirrors… because you might be part parrot.

  • 10.) Unadulterated embarrassment.
  • This is like the freebie in the center of the Bingo card. It doesn’t even have to be because of a certain item. It’s just there… always there…

  • 11.) Your old escape route.
  • Just stick your head out the window and try to remember the days before you could just exit the front door at any hour like a normal person. Did you have to climb off the roof? Or did you have a ladder like Joey Potter?

  • 12.) Fish food from a pet long since dead.
  • RIP Goldie. Gone too soon.

  • 13.) An absurd CD collection
  • Because no one saw Spotify coming.

  • 14.) That one doll that knows all your secrets.
  • Oh, Cinthya…

  • 15.) A hoodie that doesn’t belong to you… be it a boyfriend’s or a best friend’s.
  • No matter whose it is, it probably says Hollister on the front. Is it too late to give it back?

  • 16.) Candy wrappers from at least a decade ago.
  • Just because you haven’t found them doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

  • 17.) Your Guitar Hero Set
  • Face it, the year of Guitar Hero was one of the best times in all our lives.

  • 18.) Mountains of tangled costume jewelry from Claire's
  • Don’t even try to separate them. They’ve bonded.

  • 19.) A closet that works as a memoriam to fast mall fashion.
  • Because your teenage self just had to take advantage of the buy one get five for 1 cent deal on graphic tees from Wet Seal. (Rip Delia’s)

  • 20.) A phone that plugs into the wall.
  • Go ahead, make a call and relive the horror when one of your parents picks up a phone from anywhere else in the house.

  • 21.) A dresser drawer full of old school tshirts.
  • Because throwing away that homecoming shirt from 2005 would be some next level sacrilege

  • 22.) Really old horrible love letters from your high school boyfriend.
  • Bonus points if he wrote you a song. Extra bonus points if you can read the whole thing without throwing up.

  • 23.) You very first flip phone shoved in a drawer somewhere.
  • If you’re honest, it was your first love. Not the dude who wrote you that love letter.

  • 24.) A big old heap of nostalgia.
  • Because even though there is absolutely no way you’d ever want to be a teenager again, it’s good to be home.