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Halloween Lookbook

October 25, 2021

Halloween Lookbook featured image

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Spooky season is in full effect and It’s crunch time to decide what (or who) you are going to be for Halloween! If you’re anything like us, then Halloween isn’t just a Holiday… IT’S A LIFESTYLE! Whether you want to dress scary or sexy (or both), we have the PERFECT hair tools to help complete your look! Need a little inspo? Check out Foxybae’s 2021 Halloween looks and learn how to achieve each hairstyle:


This Halloween, we’re killing boys! Recreate this iconic look inspired by the horror movie, “Jennifer’s Body,” with our best selling  Rose Gold Flat Iron. Section your hair in half and thoroughly straighten each strand to create sleek & sexy locks. Jennifer wouldn’t be caught dead with frizzy hair… and neither should you! Use our  Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream to get rid of any frizz or fly-aways. Pair this hairstyle with a pink and red zip-up hoodie and you’re ready to eat souls!!
Planning on fighting crime and saving the world this Halloween? Can’t do so without your two besties by your side! These looks are inspired by the cartoon, “Powerpuff Girls!”
For the commander and leader, recreate this power-pony to show who’s boss!! Spray hair with our  Cool AF Heat Protectant Spray then use our  Rose Gold Blowout Brush to smooth out any waves or curls. Tightly pull hair into a high ponytail and tie with an elastic. Swoop your front pieces to the side and pin down your hair using our  Big Primpin Bobby Pin Tin!
For the joy and laughter, nothing looks as sweet and innocent as half-up, half-down pigtails!! Using our  Rose Gold 19mm Curling Wand, curl each strand of hair and hold for about 5-10 sections. Once hair is completely curled, part hair down the middle and tie the top two sections into pigtails using elastics. Want to make this look even more sweet? Add two little blue bows!

For the toughest fighter, no one would dare try to get in your way, not even your own hair!! Straighten each section of your hair with our Baby Blush Flat Iron. Pin your front pieces down to the side using our Big Primpin Bobby Pin Tin and add two green bows on top. Mojo Jojo doesn’t stand a chance against this trio!!!
I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!! There’s no better costume than a majestic creature, I mean.. Who WOULDN’T want to be a fairy!?
For this first look, start by sectioning hair in half then use our Rose Gold 25mm Curling Wand to tightly curl each strand of hair. For a more voluminous look, alternate directions while curling and add our Dirty Gal Dry Shampoo to your roots! Once hair is completely curled, part your hair down the side and pin back one section. Add accessories such as butterfly clips for a little extra twinkle!!!
For this second look, spray hair with our Cool Af Heat Protectant then section hair in half. Use our Baby Blush Waver starting at the roots of each strand of hair and hold for about 5 seconds. Make your way down to the ends of each strand of hair. Add butterfly clips and this look will TOTALLY be instagram post worthy!!
It’s Britney B*tch! Let’s be honest.. We have ALL dreamed of being a Y2K pop star before, and now's the chance! Kick off your pop star career by recreating this iconic look inspired by Britney Spears! Use our Baby Blush Blowout Brush to smooth out hair and create a sleek base. Part hair down the middle and pull each side into a high ponytail leaving two front pieces out. Braid the ponytails and tie with an elastic at the ends. Add two pink fluffy hair accessories to complete this look!
Flat hair? Ugh, as if!! We’re bringing the 90’s back this spooky season! This look calls for an iconic hairstyle, and what’s more iconic than Cher’s blowout from the film, “Clueless?” Start by sectioning damp hair in half. Use our Rose Gold Round Brush and roll your ends towards your face while drying with our Rose Gold Blomance Hair Dryer. Repeat this step to each section of hair until it is completely dry. You’ll definitely look like the most popular girl at the Halloween party with this look!
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