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Our Fave Fall Hairstyles that Match Your New Wardrobe

September 12, 2023

Our Fave Fall Hairstyles that Match Your New Wardrobe featured image

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Fall is here, and with it comes crisp weather, pumpkin-flavored everything, and of course, an entirely new wardrobe. Now that your back-to-school shopping is complete, the next step is to ensure your brand-new fall outfits are perfectly coordinated with complementary hairstyles.

Whether you're aiming for a chic or cozy look this season, remember that any outfit is never truly complete without the perfect hairdo. Here's your step-by-step guide to achieving fall hairstyles that will elevate your fashion game:

1. The Iconic Power Pony for Your Leather Jacket Look

woman in fall outfit trench coat

We LOVE a leather jacket moment (faux leather, of course)! This staple Fall wardrobe piece deserves an iconic hairdo, and what’s more iconic than a power pony!? Achieve this look by using our Rose Gold Straightening Brush to smooth out any waves or curls. Pull hair back into a high pony and secure it with an elastic. Wrap a thin strand of hair around the elastic and hold it down using a pin from our Big Primpin Bobby Pin Tin. Next, tightly braid your pony down to the ends of your hair and tie off with another elastic. For the ultimate sleek look, apply our Smooth Sailing Anti-Frizz Finishing Cream to eliminate any frizz or flyaways!

2. Sleek and Chic to Complement Your Cozy Sweaters

fall outfit with sweater

Sweater weather has us FALLing in love! The perfect match to this cozy aesthetic is a sleek hairstyle! Use our Rose Gold Sleek Flat Iron to thoroughly straighten your hair. Flip your ends in or out to add some SASS to your look! Pin down your front pieces with any of our Statement Pins! Who knew bundling up could be so chic?

3. Effortless Flannel Chic with Claw Clip Elegance

woman fall outfit flannel

Flannels? In Fall? Groundbreaking! Spice it up by adding a claw clip to an oversized flannel! There are countless ways you can pin your hair up with a clip, but whether or not you start with a sleek base will make or BREAK your look! After spraying your hair with our Cool AF Heat Protectant, thoroughly straighten each strand with our White Marble Flat Iron! Next, twist your hair and secure it with a claw clip that matches your flannel. For a more effortless look, loosen up some strands and leave a few pieces out in the front! Fall has never looked so good!!

4. Elevate Your Trench Coat Ensemble with Bouncy Curls

fall outfit fuzzy coat

Fall wouldn’t EXIST without black booties and trench coats! Complete this essential outfit by using our Baby Blush 32mm Curling Wand! Part your hair down the middle then spray with our Cool AF Heat Protectant. Section hair in half then curl each strand in the direction that is away from your face. For big and bouncy curls, brush out your hair using our Rose Gold Detangling Brush! This look can be worn ANYWHERE!!

5. Get Groovy with 70's Revival: Headbands and Fuzzy Coats

woman at coffee shop in fall

This season, we’re bringing back the 70’s! Headbands and fuzzy coats were nothing but ICONIC during this time era. Recreate this hairstyle by using our Baby Blush Waver! Start at the roots and make your way down to the ends by holding each section for about 5-10 seconds. For a little extra texture, spritz your hair with our Beach, Please Texturizing Spray! Swoop your front pieces over to one side and add a headband to match your coat! Lookin’ GROOVY baby!! 

For more hair inspo + tips and tricks follow our Instagram and TikTok!

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