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Girls Night Out Essentials

April 17, 2019

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Nothing like a girls night out to gather the troops for a fun night of feminine debauchery. Now whether you’re out every weekend or once in a blue moon, our list of GNO essentials is gonna be the key to a great night. Let loose, throw your heels on, tease your hair and get ready for a fun time!

 Pressed Powder

  • Perfect for a quick touch up. This is a MUST if you’re an oily to combination skin type of girl and you don’t want to look like a sweaty mess at the end of the night. Just give yourself a quick t-zone pat down when you hit the ladies room and you’re all good!

  • Bobby Pins and Safety Pins
  • Keep a couple of these in your bag for the occasional hair faux pax or wardrobe malfunction. If you don’t need them - great ! But if you do, you’ll be soooo glad you brought them along. Check out our amazing Big Primpin Bobby Pin set if you’re in the market for new ones because we all know they go missing!

  • Long Lasting Lipstick
  • You need a lipstick that’s gonna make it through the night with you! You don’t want it to start wearing down as the night goes on and have you looking crazy. Get a long lasting lippie that’ll

  • Gum/Mints
  • Don’t end up smelling like a bar at the end of the night! Bring some mints and gum so you can have fresh breath all night long. Trust us, your girls will all thank you when you come in clutch at the end of the night with the mints and gum!

  • Card Holder
  • We love a chic little card holder that you can carry easily to the club and free up your hands from having to carry a big bag. Have everything ready to go in one place so you don’t have to go digging for anything!

  • Cash
  • Always good to carry a little cash on you. You never know when you might need extra tip money or a little cash to leave you stuff at coat check. Better be safe than sorry!

    Find My Friends App

    Ladies, please please please keep track of your friends and don’t leave your friends behind. Share your location with each other and make sure that everyone makes it some safe. The Find My Friends App is great tool to help you find each other. There are other great apps similar to this one you can try out as well!

    Enjoy you GNO ladies! Get wild, have fun, express yourself and BE SAFE! XOXO