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Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas

October 21, 2020

Easy Group Halloween Costume Ideas featured image

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We know how hard it is to coordinate cute Halloween costumes for your whole squad, so we’ve done the dirty work for you! GRAB YOUR BESTIES because we’re coming at you with the cutest group Halloween costume ideas that are easy and affordable! 


Great girl group halloween costume

This group costume idea is so easy it’ll blow your minds! All you need is your girl gang and some gauze. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling your mummy look. Simply use the gauze and wrap away! Once you’re done, brush your pearly white gauze with some brown or black eyeshadow to complete your look. THAT’S IT! You and your gang will look DROP (UN)DEAD GORGEOUS!


Easy girl group halloween costume

G.I. JANES ASSEMBLE. All you’ll need for this super easy group costume are some camouflage clothing pieces. The rest is up to you! What we love about this Halloween look is that everyone in your group can get creative and showcase their own style. There’s no wrong way to be a baddie (; 


Girl group halloween cosutme

Flintstones but make it FASHION. This idea may seem like a lot, but hear us out! Head to your nearest fabric store and pick up some cheetah or leopard print fabric. All you need to do from there is wrap yourself any way you’d like! Get creative with your styles to create an easy, coordinated group costume! STONE AGE GOT NOTHIN’ ON US!


Sexy girl group halloween costume

CHEETAH GIRLS, CHEETAH SISTAS! We’re bringing back this major throwback for our next group Halloween costume idea! You can’t go wrong with the ICONIC cheetah girls sweatsuit look! This idea might take a little more work, but once we find sweatsuits and matching headbands...IT’S OVER FOR YOU BITCHES! 

Tried any of these group costume ideas with your squad? Tag us on instagram so we can all SLAY Halloween together! HAPPY HAUNTING FOXY BAES!

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