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Do's and Don'ts For Fine and Thin Hair

September 16, 2020

Do's and Don'ts For Fine and Thin Hair featured image

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Fine hair refers to the texture of each hair strand. If you have fine hair, each individual strand will be smaller in diameter as opposed to coarse hair, which is thicker in diameter. Thin hair, on the other hand, refers to how much overall hair you have. When you run your fingers through your hair, does it feel like there’s not much there? Then you may have thin hair! Fine and thin hair types are tricky to handle, but we have a few tips that may help!


We all like it a little rough (; but when it comes to fine and thin hair you want to be as gentle as possible. Washing your hair with too much force can cause breakage, especially when your hair is wet and at its weakest. Instead, try gently massaging product into your scalp to achieve your ideal hair look and feel! We recommend the Bae Area Bounce Volumizing Shampoo, formulated specifically for thin hair to give it that bounce your hair needs.


Thin and fine hair can easily be weighed down when there is too much product being used. A good way to prevent flat-looking hair is to only condition the ends of your hair in the shower to keep your scalp product-free! This tip will help keep your hair looking silky and healthy, without dragging it down and making it appear flat. We recommend the Bae Area Bounce Volumizing Conditioner, which is perfect for repairing damage and giving that extra nourishment for your fine or thin hair! 


When you step out of the shower, a great option is to use a leave-in conditioner for that extra layer of protection. The 12-in-1 Daily Leave In Hair Mask is formulated with all those super nourishing ingredients that fine and thin hair NEEDS. Safe for both wet and dry hair, add this product to your routine to prevent your hair from looking dull and damaged.


Haircuts are super helpful for maintaining breakage-free hair. Fine and thin hair is more susceptible to breakage, making it harder to keep up with. We feel you, girl! A helpful tip is to get regular haircuts in order to get rid of all the damaged ends and promote hair growth. We recommend getting a little trim every 6-8 weeks for best results!


Your body knows what’s best for you! Test out different products to find what suits you and your hair needs. If you notice excess damage or dryness, it may be time to toss that product you’ve been using and try one that your hair will respond more positively to. Use all these tips to ensure you have a GOOD HAIR DAY, everyday!