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Bye Bye Frizz!

October 19, 2020

Bye Bye Frizz! featured image

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Frizzy hair is no fun! We know the struggle of trying to tame those hairs that just won’t listen! For you guys and gals who also struggle with frizz, we have our list of do’s and don’ts for everyday hair care that’ll make you say bye to frizz and hello to FOXY (;


Hair that is excessively dry will be more prone to breakage and damage. Keep your hair moisturized and strong by starting in the shower! Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hair is being cleaned but not stripped, and is locking in the moisture it desperately needs! 


Washing your hair too often is known to strip your hair of the natural oils that are meant to protect it from damage. The best way to combat this is to wash your hair less often in order to allow your hair to protect and heal itself. This will result in less overall damage, which means less frizz! Start by washing your hair every other day and work your way up from there! We recommend washing your hair only once or twice a week if you suffer from severe frizziness! Use the Dirty Gal Dry Shampoo to absorb your hair’s excess oils and keep your hair feeling fresh and clean between washes! 


We know it’s tempting to untangle your hair right out of the shower. WE FEEL YOUR PAIN, GIRL! But don’t give in to those impulses and you could be saving your hair! Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet, so brushing it will cause unnecessary damage and make frizz worse! If you do want to detangle your hair while it’s wet, make sure to take precautions! Coat your hair with the Smooth Sailing Anti Frizz Finishing Cream to smooth out your hair and lock in moisture for easy detangling. Use a detangling brush and start brushing from the ends of your hair and work your way up to avoid breakage! 


Okay, hear us out. A satin pillowcase may seem excessive to some, but it’s a great way to keep your hair looking smooth, healthy, and most importantly, FRIZZ FREE! Cotton pillowcases can steal moisture from your hair throughout the night and cause friction when your head rubs against your pillow. Because satin pillowcases are made of a soft, smooth material, it won’t absorb your hair’s precious moisture. Also, your hair will glide over the satin, which eliminates damage from friction! Don’t knock it before you try it, babes! This stuff really works! 


A lot of the time, frizzy hair is the result of damage and breakage of your hair strands. A way to fight this is to trim the ends of your hair often to get rid of split ends, which can travel up the hair shaft and cause more damage if left untreated. Trimming often gives your hair a fresh start and lets your hair focus on being SLEEK AND SMOOTH -- and that’s every girl's dream! 

Tried any of our anti-frizz tips? Share your results with us by tagging us on instagram so we can stay FRIZZ FREE together! STAY FOXY BAES!