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Top Tips for Heatless Hairstyles — From Products to Looks!

August 21, 2023

Top Tips for Heatless Hairstyles — From Products to Looks! featured image

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We all know how good it feels to have our hair done up, but that comes with a lot of heat being used on our tresses. Whether you're wanting beachy waves or a straight and sleek finish, it can be tricky to avoid styling without heat. But the reality is, our hair is just like us: sometimes we just need a break from the heat. Add in a summer of sun, salt, and chlorine, and our hair can be left oh-so-dry and damaged.

If you're craving a little hair TLC and a break from styling tools, we've rounded up our top tips for making a fabulous hairdo without the heat. 

Heatless Hair Styling Products

We’ll be the first to admit, it’s difficult to get our hair to dry perfectly... sometimes it needs a little guidance. Luckily, our favorite styling products are here to help make your air-dried mane look like a blowout.

Beach, Please Sea Salt Texturizing Spray and Biotin

Instead of reaching for your FoxyBae triple waver, channel your inner beach babe and apply a texturizing spray. This sea salt-infused product will give your hair a boost of volume, texture, and dramatic definition. 

Turned Up Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Turn up the volume and keep your style fresh with turned up volumizing dry shampoo! This biotin-infused dry shampoo is just what your hair needs on those no-wash days. Spray into your roots to absorb unwanted oils and quickly perk up your hair to make it look freshly washed and blown out. 

Smooth Sailing Anti Frizz Finishing Cream

Ladies with curly hair, we’ve got you covered. This amazing smelling finishing cream helps tame the flyaways and frizz while also defining and bringing life back into your curls. It doesn’t harden or flake, just leaves your hair feeling smooth and sleek.

Flex On ‘Em Flexible Hold Hairspray

Our holy grail for when we need a flexible, workable hold that won’t harden up or turn your hair into a crunchy mess. Our flexible hold hairspray is perfect for up-dos and all keeping heatless styles locked in all day long.

Flaminglow Leave In Conditioner

This hydrating leave-in conditioner is ideal for when your hair needs a little extra TLC from the harsh elements! It’s the answer to all your prayers: it can detangle your hair, tame frizz, and moisturize your lovely locks at the same time so you can air-dry in peace. 

Heatless Hairstyles We Obsess Over

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Heatless Waves

This hair hack is a classic and one you’ve probably heard of before. Instead of reaching for a FoxyBae curling wand, braid your hair your favorite way (we love the classic two French braids) the night before and the next morning you’re left with natural beach waves that last all day. 

The Slick Back Bun

Even if you’re not an up-do girl, you have to try this super quick and easy heatless hairstyle. All you need is a brush, a rubber band, and our flexible hold hairspray. You simply put your hair in a ballerina bun or high ponytail and then let our hairspray do the rest of the work. Pro tip: use a clean, unused toothbrush to keep With flyaways under control and easily achieve a Sofia Richie-style hairdo in just under 5 minutes! 

Pro tip: Use two double-pronged curl clips at your roots as your hair dries to boost your hair’s volume!