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6 Thanksgiving Food For Healthy Hair

November 22, 2022

6 Thanksgiving Food For Healthy Hair featured image

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One of our favorite holidays is Thanksgiving. Why? THE FOOD! I mean who doesn’t love indulging in comfort food with all of their loved ones. Here at FoxyBae, we have another reason to love Thanksgiving and that’s all the hair health benefits! Did you know that many traditional thanksgiving dishes offer essential vitamins that can boost your hair growth and overall hair health? Check out some of our top food picks and their amazing benefits!

One of the most notorious Thanksgiving dishes is Turkey which can be found on almost everyone's table this holiday season. Turkey contains high amounts of protein which is vital for the strength of your hair. Protein can not only strengthen your hair to protect against all the product and hot tool manipulation we do on a daily basis, but it can also helps with hair thickness. The stronger your hair follicles are, the less likely you may be prone to hair loss or breakage.

Sweet Potatoes are a staple every year whether they are used as a side for candied yams or for sweet potato pie as dessert. Sweet potatoes have a super antioxidant called beta carotene which transforms into Vitamin A. This will help aid in creating healthy sebum that will help prevent your hair from being dry and dull. 

We are told all of our lives to eat our leafy greens to boost our overall health so it's not surprising that the same applies during Thanksgiving. A common side dish is collard greens which has a powerhouse mixture of Vitamin A, C and Iron. Vitamin A helps to boost hair moisture, Vitamin C boosts collagen production which is beneficial for stronger hair, and Iron aids with hair growth. 

Cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving can be a hit or miss for some people but there is no denying the amazing health benefits it can give your entire body. Cranberries have antifungal and antiseptic properties that can help fight common scalp issues like dandruff and itchiness. They also contain Vitamin A & C which as stated previously are a super combo for hair health.

Fall is pumpkin season! Pumpkin pie is one of the most iconic Thanksgiving desserts across the country. Pumpkin has so many vitamins that are beneficial for hair but one in particular is Potassium. This vitamin is proven to help with hair re-growth which is ideal for anyone struggling with hair loss or thinning. 

Have you heard the saying “Cinnamon, Spice, And Everything Nice”? Well that is true especially for the gals wanting to grow longer locs. Cinnamon is a common ingredient that is included in various Thanksgiving dishes. Cinnamon helps promote blood circulation and has procyanidin which is proven to help with hair growth!

After hearing all these Foxy food facts, we hope you can feel less guilty about going to make your 5th plate of the day this Thanksgiving. Healthy hair starts with the nutritious foods you eat and we can guarantee consuming these dishes will be well worth it!