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6 Looks For Back To School + Essentials

July 29, 2021

6 Looks For Back To School + Essentials featured image

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You may not be excited that summer is ending, but back to school calls for a new look!! From wavers and straighteners to heat protectant and travel sized shampoo, we have listed all the tools and essentials you need for making your morning routine on the first day of school a breeze! Here are 6 looks that will make your classmates' jaws DROP as soon as you walk in the door of first period.



Back to school calls for pigtails!! Recreate this look by sectioning your hair in half and curling each strand using our No Strings Attached Wireless Auto Curler (Bonus: it’s portable too!!) Next, part your hair directly down the center and section off two front pieces. Gather the top sections of your hair and tie them off using elastics to create those pigtails! This hairstyle is not only adorable, but a classic back to school look! Add a pink lip and mascara then you’re good to go!




Dreaming of looking like a y2k pop princess as soon as you step through the doors on your first day? These space buns will defs make heads turn! First, run our Blush Flat Iron through your hair so you can start off with sleek and frizz-free locks. Part your hair down the middle and section off two thin front pieces. Firmly start pulling your hair upwards and forming the bun by twirling the hair then tie it off with an elastic. Repeat this process on the other side. Add extra spice to this look by adding two snap clips to the front of each side. Complete with a pop of colorful eyeshadow and glossy lips and your classmates will be saying, “Rihanna, is that you!?”




Just because school is in session doesn’t mean we are over summer yet! Embrace your inner mermaid with this beachy hairstyle. Part your hair down the center of your head and section off two thick front pieces. Dutch braid each front piece about an inch back then continue to regularly braid the rest of your hair until you have reached the ends. Tie off both pieces with an elastic that matches your hair color. Want to look even more like a summer goddess? Add texture and sass to the rest of your mane by grabbing sections of your hair and lightly holding down our Blush Waver. Start at your roots then continue down. Finish off by applying a matte nude lip and smoke out some brown eyeshadow for a more natural look!




Hit the snooze button one too many times this morning? No worries girl, we’ll still have you looking foxy in no time with this super quick hairstyle! Section your hair into a middle part and take our 2-in-1 Hairflow Flat Iron and straighten each section of your hair. Once you have reached the ends, flip the iron and curl your hair towards your face (almost done)! Tuck your front pieces tightly behind your ears and place 2 snap clips on each side. Touch up your cheeks with some blush and your eyes with pink eyeshadow then BOOM! All done!  




Haven’t had time to wash your hair due to your new busy schedule? No biggy, this bubble ponytail will disguise your day 5 hair into a clean, sleek look. Brush through your hair using our Rose Gold Straightening Brush to achieve a straight and sleek starting point. Tightly pull back your hair to form a high ponytail. Once you have gotten rid of all of those annoying bumps and flyaways, secure the ponytail with an elastic. Next, grab another elastic and place it about an inch or two below the first one. Continue this step until you have reached the ends of your hair. Gently tug on each section in between the elastics to create that super cute “bubble” effect! Wing some eyeliner and highlight your cheekbones for the ultimate look!




Achieve this super cute “school girl” blowout hairstyle by using our Rose Gold Blowout Dryer Brush! Start with damp hair then take the blowout dryer and brush through each section of hair while focusing on flipping the ends towards your face. Once your hair is completely dry, section off two front pieces (or bangs if you have them) and add a headband of your choice! Add blush to your cheeks, a matte pink lip, and some winged eyeliner to complete this look. So simple, yet sooo cute!



So there you have it, bae! 6 back to school looks that will not only have you voted “Best Hair” in the year book, but also save you a little extra time in the morning to catch up on your beauty sleep! If you end up trying any of these looks for school, let us know how it goes in the comments below or tag us on Instagram!



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