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22 Resolutions For 2022

December 26, 2021

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Well ladies and gents… it’s about that time where we reminisce on our past year and start thinking about the next one. Although 2021 (and 2020) have not been the brightest of all, we can still make 2022 our B*TCH!! So get out your journal, notepad, or vision board and let’s get to planning! To help you get started, we have concluded a list of 22 resolutions for your kicka** New Year:

1. Become More Comfortable With Being Alone

As much as you may love being around people, it is important to spend some time with yourself to practice self-reflection. By doing so, you might even get to know yourself a little better, too! After all, at the end of the day the only person that will always be there is you.

2. Don’t Settle For Less

Know your worth! It’s time for you to start standing up for yourself and going after what you deserve. We often belittle ourselves which leads to us settling for less. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or literally ANYTHING else, go big or go home baby!

  • 3. Surround Yourself With Successful People

  • Ever heard the saying, “You are who you surround yourself with”? Well, it’s true!! Energies are contagious, and by surrounding yourself with successful people you are bound to become successful, too! Oh and btw, success comes in many different shapes and forms such as wealth, health, and happiness! 

    4. Be More “Selfish”

    If you’re anything like us, you are a people pleaser! Meaning, it’s hard for you to say no. However, when's the last time you did something for yourself? 2022 is the year for you, bae! Practice saying “no” to others, and start saying “yes” to you!

    5. Create a Healthy Hair Routine

    With social media constantly in your face 24/7, it’s hard not to come across a thousand videos a day of girls with GORGEOUS hair! Not only do you become envious, but you also start to wonder how their hair is so healthy. Starting January 1st, create a healthy hair routine and stick with it! May we suggest… use a hair mask once a week, use hair care products infused with biotin, and ALWAYS use heat protectant before styling! Head to our main page to get started on your healthy hair journey <3 

    6. Take a Risk

    Many of us are rule followers and rarely take any risks. I mean, what can we say? We were raised that way! However, living life on the edge is a lot more fun! Taking a risk every once in a while could lead you down a path of limitless possibilities! This upcoming new year, get risky and live a little more!

    7. Meet New People

    We have all been cooped up in the house for wayyy too long and socializing seems to be somewhat a thing of the past. However, branching out of your comfort zone and meeting new people is a sign of growth! When it is safe to do so, get dressed up, curl your hair and go socialize again! It might be scary at first, but it will be rewarding in the end. You never know when you are going to meet your future husband or your new best friend! 

    8. Start a New Hobby

    You might be thinking to yourself, “who has time for a hobby!?” We usually spend most of our time working through the weekdays and chilling on the weekends, but it's important to find time for doing something you love! Whether it’s knitting, drawing, thrifting or cooking, branch out and try something new!

    9. Travel Somewhere New

    Unfortunately, your travel plans have probably been on hold for the past two years. However, 2022 could finally be your year to travel to that new location that you’ve been waiting to check off your bucket list! Life’s too short to stay in one place forever. Whenever you feel it’s safe to do so, don’t question it and book your trip! Material objects get old, memories last forever :)

    10. Be More Present

    Time flies when you are busy worrying about the future. Stay present! Enjoy the moment and take one day at a time. If there is one thing we have learned this past year, it’s that the future is unpredictable. So spend less time planning, and more time appreciating!

    11. Eat Out Less and Cook More

    Not only will this save you a ton of money, but it will also promote a healthier lifestyle! Eating out all the time can drain your bank account and lead to an unhealthy diet. Make grocery shopping a weekly task and plan out meals to cook at home. If you need a little inspo, there are endless amounts of recipes and cooking tutorials on TikTok!

    12. Don’t Sleep Your Days Away

    We get it bae, there’s NOTHING better than sleeping in every morning. But don’t sleep your days away! It is important to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, but stick to a regular sleep schedule! Go to bed earlier so you can wake up and enjoy the mornings. Honestly, we can’t think of anything more beautiful than a sunrise! You will also be able to get so much more done in a day!

    13. Solidify Your Skincare Routine

    Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so it is important that we take good care of it. Find skincare brands and products that work for you and create a skincare routine! There are limitless amounts of products to use, but it is important to find what works for your skin type. Whether you want to target dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, or acne, sticking to a routine will help conquer it all!

    14. Give Back To Others

    Giving back feels good! This upcoming year, make it a goal to donate to a charity of your choosing. Whether you are able to donate your money or your time, there is someone out there who would really appreciate it! Volunteering and/or donating is such a rewarding experience!

    15. Read More

    Put down your phone and pick up a book! If we spent the same amount of time reading a book as we do on our phones, we could read countless amounts of books each year! Give your eyes a break from the harsh blue light and read a hardback novel (no, not on your iPad or Kindle)! 

    16. Treat Yourself

    We are here to remind you that it is OKAY to splurge on yourself every once in a while! Go out and get yourself a new wardrobe! A new hot tool! A new purse! Whatever it may be that you’ve been dying to buy, this is your sign to go get it;)

    17. Don’t Hate, Hydrate

    The key to a happy and healthy life is drinking lots of water!! Yes, we know this is one of the most common resolutions out there, but it might just be the most important one! Make it a resolution to drink more water this upcoming year. Your skin, hair, and body will thank you later! 

    18. Take More Photos

    Life is short, take the photo! At the end of each year, all we have are memories to look back on. Capture these memories by taking lots of photos and videos! Thankfully, our smartphones nowadays have like A MILLION gigabytes, so there are no excuses why we can’t have a million photos in our library! 

    19. Wear Sunscreen EVERYDAY

    Yup, you heard us. EVERYDAY. Although the sun feels sooo good on our skin, it is extremely harmful! Make sure to put a layer of sunscreen on your face before applying makeup and on any other areas where skin is most likely to be seen by the sun (hands, neck, shoulers, etc). Your future self will love you for it! 

    20. Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

    It’s easy to get caught up in your busy schedule, but spending quality time with your loved ones is a must! Clear out a few hours each week to spend time with your family and to catch up with some friends! Sadly, these people will not be in our lives forever, so it is important to cherish them while they are still around!

    21. Discover Something That Helps You De-Stress

    In the times that we are living in, it is so easy to get stressed out. But stress leads to serious health problems, such as physical and mental disorders. This upcoming year, find something that helps you kick back and relax, whether it is getting a massage once a week, doing yoga, working out, or journaling! 

    22. Enjoy The Little Things In Life More 

    This new year, show more gratitude towards the small things in life! There are countless things to be thankful for, such as your husband making you coffee in the mornings or a person giving you a generous tip at work! By being more appreciative, better things are bound to come! Happy New Year besties <3

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