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10 Ways To Say "I Love You" This Valentine's Day

January 16, 2024

10 Ways To Say

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For some people, the words "I love you" just roll right off the tongue. But for others, this three-word phrase is a lot harder to say. Whether you’re the type of person that says it a hundred times a day or only every once in a while, there's no denying that actions speak louder than words! Here’s 10 unique ways to say “I love you” to that special someone this Valentine's Day:

1. Create a playlist with all of their favorite songs

Nothing is more special than showing someone that you listen to them, and their favorite songs! A custom playlist is super easy to do and a fun gift! 


2. Write them a love letter

Sometimes it’s easier to write our feelings rather than say them out loud. By writing a love letter, you will be able to express your feelings to your loved one and they will be able to keep it forever.


3. Send flowers to their work or home

Let’s be honest… Who DOESN’T want to receive flowers on Valentines Day!? Thankfully, you’ll be able to find a bouquet literally ANYWHERE during this holiday. Pick the prettiest bunch for the prettiest person.


4. Make a candlelit dinner

Going out to dinner is sooo overrated, why not stay in and make your favorite din din at home instead! Not only is this a cheaper option, but you will also be able to get in some alone time.


5. Give the gift of Foxy

Need a little gift inspo for this special holiday!? Don’t worry bae, we got you covered! Nothing says “I love you” quite like Foxybae does! We recommend checking out our Rose Gold Collection ;)


6. Bake a heart-shaped treat

Baking together is just another way to say “I love you!” Spending quality time together AND getting to eat a yummy treat afterwards sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day to us!


7. Plan a get-away weekend

Get out of town and plan a trip! Whether it's a 2-hour drive or a 6-hour flight, we’re sure you could use a little weekend get-away.


8. Tell your person how much they mean to you

It’s important to remind your special someone how much they mean to you. Tell them all of your favorite things about them, why you love them, and why they make you happy!


9. Surprise them

Everyone loves to be surprised every once in a while! Plan a surprise date or get them a surprise gift. Once you see their face light up with joy, it will definitely all be worth it!


10. Say it when they’re not expecting it

Catch them off guard and tell them you love them <3 It works, and we don’t think you can ever say it “too much.”