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10 Curly Haired Influencers You Need to Know About

April 23, 2018

10 Curly Haired Influencers You Need to Know About featured image

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Where are all our curly haired baes? We know the images you see in the media and social media may not always be inclusive of curly haired ladies, so we are here to help bless your feed with these fabulous curly girls. Hopefully you can see yourself in them and get a few hair styling hacks, a sprinkle of fashion inspo, and even some life tips!

1.) Kay-Lani @viva_glam_kay

This beauty guru gives us so much on social media and we love her for it! From sharing mommy life to glam life, she lets us into her life in Florida! And also, look at that glorious mane, I mean can you say goals?! Give her a follow on IG and subscribe to her YouTube for all things beauty and hair.

2.) Alba @sunkissalba

Alba is an OG in the YouTube beauty guru world and if you're into curly hair tips there's a chance you may already recognize her. We love her for her timeless style and effortless hair and makeup looks. She absolutely glows!

3.) Bri @brihallofficial

Young,contemporary and oh so cool Bri isn't afraid to take risks with her hair, makeup or style. Give her a follow if you are prepared to be served with LOOKS on the daily! 

4.) Shaneice @naturalneiicey

With a head of locks like these, it comes as n surprise that Shaneice can quite the hair chameleon! She easily goes from super curly to wavy to straight and looks just as flawless no matter how she wears it. Goals!

5.) Lisette @luhhsetty

This LA-based beauty guru can do no wrong! She's got beautiful curls that she transforms into loads of unique styles. This girl has fashion sense too! So if you love hair, beauty and fashion - give her a follow!

6.) Joyjah @joyjah

This freckled stunner hails all the way from Belize to grace our feed with the most unique looks. Youthful, vibrant and full of class, Joyjah can do no wrong!

7.) Natty @nattymorais

This Brazilian bombshell has a mane and a smile that let us know she isn't afraid to walk on the wild side! Give her a follow for an taste of a life that's as bold as her curly locks.

8.) Anastasia @anastasialover

I mean look at her, folks! Hair, makeup, style and attitude on point. You know how sometimes you look at someone's IG and you can imagine yourself being friends with them? Yeah, that's Anastasia!

9.) Mairaly @harmonicurls

This queen really wears her hair like a crown! We love that she isn't afraid to do as she pleases with her hair. Whether she's in dreads, a fro or tight curls - she always looks like the ultimate cool girl next door. 

10.) Alanna Doherty @alannanicolex 

This stylish lady shares the same homeland as RiRi - the tropical island of Barbados! Alanna blesses your feed with colorful Caribbean fashion, an immaculate fro and skin that seems to be permanently glowing. Aside from her iconic hair, we can't say enough about the way she styles herself. She isn't afraid of bold colors, prints, or statement jewellery, RiRi would be proud!

There you have it, baes. We hope you've enjoyed our picks and you've found some exciting new ladies to follow! Let us know who your favorite curly haired influencers are in the comments! See y'all in the next blog xoxo.