7-IN-1 + DRYER
  • 7-IN-1 + DRYER
  • 7-IN-1 + DRYER
  • 7-IN-1 + DRYER
  • 7-IN-1 + DRYER

7-IN-1 + DRYER

ONLY $179.00
Reg. $480.00


Time to tell your other hot tools to buzz off, the Queen bee of curling wands is here!  FoxyBae’s Le’SE7EN is designed with our signature Rose Gold Titanium barrels developed to give you the longest lasting curls possible while still holding in moisture for healthy hair and maximum shine! With its seven interchangeable barrels you can achieve endless hairstyles from big beachy waves to tight defined curls and everything in between. It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, the advanced responsive technology in our Rose Gold barrels quickly, evenly and effectively distributes heat better than any other curling wand. 

Choose ANY other Rose Gold styling tool to pair with your 7-in-1, maybe a sexy Flat Iron, or perhaps you need a foxy Blowdryer for those amazing blow outs!

So go ahead and channel your inner queen crowned in curls, the world is your kingdom! STAY FOXY!


FoxyBae’s Rose Gold responsive technology minimizes heat damage while distributing consistent infrared heat to achieve maximum results in less time. This tool’s seven signature lightweight Rose Gold titanium barrels efficiently style hair while releasing negative ions that help protect hair follicles and retain your hair's natural moisture. The rose gold titanium barrels quickly distribute heat and create the longest lasting, smooth and shiny curls yet. Use the digital temperature control and its interchangeable barrels to dial in your perfect look for any occasion.  Slay everyday!


Rose Gold Titanium
Rose Gold Titanium's unique signature properties offer professional salon quality results. Get breathtakingly beautiful straight tresses that last all day and all night!

Smooth & Shiny
The rose gold titanium plates effectively style hair by making it look shiny, radiant and silky.

Sleek & Voluminous
Our unique responsive titanium plates distribute heat evenly and quickly to minimize heat exposure while locking in voluminous, long lasting hairstyles with major body and luster.

Our flat iron has rounded spring-loaded plates to create a huge variety of hairstyles such as silky straight locks, bouncy curls and loose waves.

Easy Styling
Temperature Control gives you the ability to change the temperature to match your hair type. It gives you quick styling with long-lasting results, all while minimizing damage.

Moisture Locking
Titanium’s intrinsic Negative Ionic properties retain healthy hair by heating the hair evenly from the inside out. This reduces frizz, and gives hair a healthy shine.

Safe & Easy
Our auto shut off feature ensures for maximum safety, and the 360° swivel cord offers flexibility and tangle-free movement.